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    Leading Austrian clinic selects RayStation


    Salzburg Country Hospitals–Paracelsus Medical University Hospital Salzburg (SALK) has selected the RayStation® treatment planning system, which it will use for photon therapy. The agreement covers three RayStation Planning licenses and five RayStation Doctor licenses, and functionality will include RayStation’s multi-criteria optimization.

    The Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-Oncology at the University Hospital Salzburg is an advanced clinic with a history of technical development, including its own treatment planning system and oncology information system and other innovations to benefit patients. RayStation will be used to plan for patients to be treated on Elekta linacs.

    Professor Felix Sedlmayer, head of the department, says: “We chose RayStation following a thorough evaluation of competing treatment planning systems. We are a clinic that aims to be at the forefront of medical technology, and RayStation will help us achieve our goals. It is a highly innovative system that supports the most advanced treatment techniques and will provide us with new treatment possibilities.” 

    Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “I am delighted to support the future needs of SALK, a leading center that values innovation and prioritizes technology as a key factor in improving patient care. We have designed RayStation to meet the needs of clinics such as SALK, which work with advanced techniques. RayStation supports cutting-edge approaches and provides the best possible user experience for clinicians.”