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On this page we present upcoming webinars which we recommend and also recorded versions of previous webinars. For our customers we have webinars that are more detailed and exclusive. Those are announced and later also uploaded in RaySearch Community. Please go to Services for information on how to login or request a login.


Discover all the new features and enhancements of the latest release of treatment planning system RayStation® 10B*. We have added support for HDR brachytherapy planning as well as ultra-fast proton GPU Monte Carlo algorithm, which boasts typical final dose computation times of less than five seconds.

You’ll hear from Emil Bengtsson, Physics Specialist as well as Julien Uzan and Melissa Duffy our Senior Applications Specialists.

Date: 2021-03-08 15:00

Location: Online

End date: 2021-03-08 16:00

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Previous webinars

Data-driven oncology - machine learning and RayIntelligence

Head of machine learning, Fredrik Löfman will discuss machine learning and its benefits for quality as well as efficiency in patient care. He will also give an introduction to our latest innovation: oncology analytics system RayIntelligence.


PTCOG webinar: Developing FLASH treatment planning for IBA Proteus system

This webinar was given at PTCOG 2020 by Erik Traneus who is a senior researcher at RaySearch Laboratories. He talks about developing FLASH treatment planning for IBA Proteus system RayStation TPS.


PTCOG webinar: Preparing for helium ion radiotherapy

This webinar was given at PTCOG 2020 by RaySearch Laboratories in collaboration with professor Oliver Jäkel Heidelberg University. He talks about preparing for helium ion readiotherapy.


AAPM webinar one oncology workflow

In this webinar you will hear Eeva-Liisa Karjalainen, Ph.D., chief functionality owner RayCare, RaySearch talk about RayCare, One Oncology Workflow. You will also hear Marc D. Blakey, MS, DABR, director of medical physics, Provision CARES Proton Therapy, Nashville, USA talk about Integrating Provision Proton Therapy Centers using the RayCare Platform.


AAPM webinar Data-driven oncology

In this webinar, hosted at AAPM 2020 you will hear Fredrik Löfman, PhD, head of machine learning at RaySearch talk about Data-driven oncology. You will also hear Tom Purdie, PhD, MCCPM, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre talk about Automatic treatment planning and machine learning from a clinical perspective.


RaySearch virtual product unveiling at ESTRO 2020

At the ESTRO Virtual Product Unveiling we were invited to present our latest news. Hear Fredrik Löfman, Head of Machine Learning at RaySearch speak about the impact of machine learning in oncology, and what tools RaySearch are building to facilitate the power of data-driven oncology.


Enhancing treatment planning through practical automation and streamlined workflows

This webinar was hosted in collaboration with AAMD. We will explore the benefits of applying automated tools to enhance overall plan quality, efficiency and decision support for everyday scenarios. All of which play a key role in revolutionizing user experience and patient care during the unique circumstances we are currently encountering.


Data-driven radiation oncology

Fredrik Löfman, head of machine learning at RaySearch, discusses how our company is pioneering ways to enable clinicians to access smarter and faster oncology software.


Automated treatment planning

Learn what automation means to dosimetrists and physicists and discover advanced tools in treatment planning in this webinar from RaySearch. You’ll hear about the use of protocols, templates and scripting, automatic breast planning, fallback planning, multi-criteria optimization, the reduction of organs at risk and plan exploration.


Adaptive therapy & robust optimization

In the first half of this webinar, Niek Scheuder, Chief Medical Physicist, will share his experience from implementing an adaptive planning workflow with RayStation at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy. In the second half, Cameron Ditty, Senior Physicist, will explain the concept of robustness in RayStation, illustrating with practical examples.



In the first part of the webinar, Erik Engwall, Chief Physicist at RaySearch, presents the robustness tools available in RayStation. In the second part, Erik Korevaar, Medical Physicist at UMCG, shows how robust optimization is used in a clinical setting and discuss appropriate metrics for robustness evaluation based on previous clinical experience.


TomoTherapy Treatments

RayStation has always led the way when it comes to technology integration, and now we’re proud to support TomoTherapy systems*.

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.