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On this page we present upcoming webinars which we recommend and also recorded versions of previous webinars. For our customers we have webinars that are more detailed and exclusive. Those are announced and later also uploaded in RaySearch Community. Please go to Services for information on how to login or request a login.

Previous webinars

New features and enhancements in RayStation® 2023B

Discover all the new features and enhancements of the latest release of RayStation® 2023B*.



Advancing gantry-less arc therapy with Leo Cancer Care

Tune in to this exciting webinar on Advancing Gantry-Less Arc Therapy with Erik Engwall, Chief Physicist at RaySearch, and Niek Schreuder, Chief Scientific Officer at LEO Cancer Care. Gain insights into the latest arc therapy innovations with gantry-less systems including the upright positioning system.



Efficiencies in Treatment Planning

Part of the AAMD national medical dosimetry day webinar series. This year, theme is "medical dosimetry knows no border".



New features and enhancements in RayStation 12A

Discover all the new features and enhancements of the latest release of RayStation® 12A*.



AI in clinical use

Join us as we give a high level overview of the Machine Learning tools available in RayStation today, both for Deep Learning Segmentation and Automatic Planning. We invite two customers to show their clinical use of these features. Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto Ontario takes the approach of treating with the automated plan without any human interaction. For University of Groningen in the Netherlands, they add in a post processing step to the automated plan, allowing their staff to further customize before patient delivery. 



Proton Planning with Layer-by-Layer MLC Collimation - Experience with RayStation for HYPERSCAN Pencil Beam Scanning

Mevion HYPERSCAN next generation pencil beam scanning delivery combines the fastest energy layer switching with a novel layer-by-layer dynamic MLC in a compact proton therapy delivery system. 


Monte Carlo in RayStation

Clinical perspectives on the new level of dose calculation accuracy. RayStation offers the possibility to radically transform your treatment planning process though unrivaled accuracy and speed with the implementation of Monte Carlo algorithms for photon, electron, and proton PBS, all on the GPU. Co-presented by Heidelberg University and Moffitt Cancer Center.




Deep learning Segmentation in RayStation

In this webinar you learn more about how deep learning segmentation can be implemented at your clinic. Our senior application specialist Grietsje Schregardus-Abma will demonstrate the latest release of segmentation models and talk about how to go live with DLS. Sigrun Saur, St Olavs Hospital, will talk about training, validation and clinical implementation of a DLS model for breast cancer, a joint venture together with RaySearch.



Deep learning planning in RayStation

We talk about about our latest release of machine learning planning models, machine learning news in RayStation 11B and how machine learning planning can be implemented at your clinic. Demonstrating how your clinic can configure and commission a pre-trained model to your protocol, planning trade-offs and treatment machines.



New features and enhancements in RayStation 11B

In this webinar you'll hear about new synthetic CT conversion algorithms for CBCT, LET evaluation for Ions, EQD2 for brachy and photon dose, plus implementation of many user enhancement requests.



RayIntelligence, a new tool for data analysis

In this webinar you will be introduced to our oncology analytics system RayIntelligence and the potential for data analytics to improve all aspects of your radiotherapy activities.


Clinical implementation of machine learning

We talk about our latest pre-trained machine learning planning models and demonstrate how your clinic can tune and commission a pre-trained model to your protocol, planning trade offs and machines.


To replan or not?

This webinar will discuss the role of replanning in proton-based head and neck (HN) radiotherapy. During the presentation, Dr. Jun Zhou and Dr. Mark McDonald will describe the frequency and nature of replanning at Emory.


Advanced tools for carbon planning in RayStation

We discuss automated planning using scripting, robust optimization and evaluation, multiple patient setups within a treatment course and RBE-models. Additionally, LET and Monte Carlo dose calculation.


Efficiency and automation with RayStation

This webinar was done in webinar in conjunction with AAMD on August 16 at 1:00pm EDT. Title "Efficiency and Automation with RayStation: Exploring New Heights in Everyday Planning" by James Henry from Willis Knighton.


Optimization beyond dose for proton and carbon ion

Within the next few years the proton community will have access to clinical planning systems that incorporate plan optimization techniques that goes beyond just physical or RBE 1.1 dose.


New features and enhancements in RayStation 11A

This version includes support for CyberKnife planning, multiple prescriptions, definition of tolerance tables, use of multiple GPUs in photon Monte Carlo dose calculation, and more.


RayStation and CyberKnife: the power of partnership

RaySearch and Accuray in a joint webinar where we together inform about our partnership and how RayStation can be used together with the CyberKnife System. The webinar also includes a live demonstration.


Motion mitigation in spot scanning proton therapy

In this webinar, Sina Mossahebi from the University of Maryland will discuss how to commission and implement breath-hold program using intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT).


Automation and machine learning in RayStation

We will cover the wide variety of tools and modules available which are clinically in use today, offering efficiency, quality and consistency to cancer centers around the world.


Monte-Carlo proton dose algorithm in RayStation

In this webinar we will take a deeper look into the proton Monte Carlo dose algorithm in RayStation, the treatment planning system that to great extent has been a leader in this development.


Brachytherapy planning in RayStation

RayStation now includes support for high dose rate brachytherapy planning. We will go through the new features for brachytherapy treatment planning and show you how to create better brachytherapy treatment plans quicker with RayStation using automatic channel reconstruction, a state of the art optimization engine and more.


New features and enhancements in RayStation® 10B

Discover all the new features and enhancements of the latest release of treatment planning system RayStation® 10B*.

*510(k) is pending under the review of the FDA. May also be subject to regulatory clearance in other markets.


Data-driven oncology - machine learning and RayIntelligence

Head of machine learning, Fredrik Löfman will discuss machine learning and its benefits for quality as well as efficiency in patient care. He will also give an introduction to our latest innovation: oncology analytics system RayIntelligence.


PTCOG webinar: Developing FLASH treatment planning for IBA Proteus system

This webinar was given at PTCOG 2020 by Erik Traneus who is a senior researcher at RaySearch Laboratories. He talks about developing FLASH treatment planning for IBA Proteus system RayStation TPS.


PTCOG webinar: Preparing for helium ion radiotherapy

This webinar was given at PTCOG 2020 by RaySearch Laboratories in collaboration with professor Oliver Jäkel Heidelberg University. He talks about preparing for helium ion readiotherapy.


TomoTherapy treatment planning in RayStation

This webinar was broadcasted in July 2020. It focuses on TomoTherapy treatment planning in RayStation and includes a real-time demo of the software.


AAPM webinar one oncology workflow

In this webinar you will hear Eeva-Liisa Karjalainen, Ph.D., chief functionality owner RayCare, RaySearch talk about RayCare, One Oncology Workflow. You will also hear Marc D. Blakey, MS, DABR, director of medical physics, Provision CARES Proton Therapy, Nashville, USA talk about Integrating Provision Proton Therapy Centers using the RayCare Platform.


AAPM webinar Data-driven oncology

In this webinar, hosted at AAPM 2020 you will hear Fredrik Löfman, PhD, head of machine learning at RaySearch talk about Data-driven oncology. You will also hear Tom Purdie, PhD, MCCPM, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre talk about Automatic treatment planning and machine learning from a clinical perspective.


RaySearch virtual product unveiling at ESTRO 2020

At the ESTRO Virtual Product Unveiling we were invited to present our latest news. Hear Fredrik Löfman, Head of Machine Learning at RaySearch speak about the impact of machine learning in oncology, and what tools RaySearch are building to facilitate the power of data-driven oncology.


Enhancing treatment planning through practical automation and streamlined workflows

This webinar was hosted in collaboration with AAMD. We will explore the benefits of applying automated tools to enhance overall plan quality, efficiency and decision support for everyday scenarios. All of which play a key role in revolutionizing user experience and patient care during the unique circumstances we are currently encountering.


Data-driven radiation oncology

Fredrik Löfman, head of machine learning at RaySearch, discusses how our company is pioneering ways to enable clinicians to access smarter and faster oncology software.

Automated treatment planning

Learn what automation means to dosimetrists and physicists and discover advanced tools in treatment planning in this webinar from RaySearch. You’ll hear about the use of protocols, templates and scripting, automatic breast planning, fallback planning, multi-criteria optimization, the reduction of organs at risk and plan exploration.


Adaptive therapy & robust optimization

In the first half of this webinar, Niek Scheuder, Chief Medical Physicist, will share his experience from implementing an adaptive planning workflow with RayStation at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy. In the second half, Cameron Ditty, Senior Physicist, will explain the concept of robustness in RayStation, illustrating with practical examples.



In the first part of the webinar, Erik Engwall, Chief Physicist at RaySearch, presents the robustness tools available in RayStation. In the second part, Erik Korevaar, Medical Physicist at UMCG, shows how robust optimization is used in a clinical setting and discuss appropriate metrics for robustness evaluation based on previous clinical experience.


TomoTherapy Treatments

RayStation has always led the way when it comes to technology integration, and now we’re proud to support TomoTherapy systems*.

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.