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Customer service begins the first day we meet. The same level of professionalism and clinical expertise that we bring during our first encounter, whether it be at a trade show or for an onsite demonstration, continues at that high level. We are available to answer any question you have regardless of whether you are a prospective customer or one of our well known current customers. We are partners in your journey not just your treatment planning vendor.


Access the customer community or request an account to community@raysearchlabs.com


Europe: +46 8 5105 3333
USA: +1 877 778 3849

"Since purchasing this system and implementing it as our primary treatment planning system, I have continued to be impressed by the product and the support we have received.  As a small facility, time is of the essence in implementing any new system and I was pleased with the extensive hands on service that was provided during commissioning of this system. I am also impressed by RaySearch continued customer service and response to our input for product improvement."

Stephen Rose

Chief Physicist, James E. Cary Cancer Center, USA.