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Next Training Course

April 22, 2024
RayStation Scripting - 4 half-days - Online UTC+2

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Next Training Course

April 22, 2024
RayStation Scripting - 4 half-days - Online UTC+2

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Customer service begins the moment we meet. Whether it be at a trade show or for an onsite demonstration, the high level of professional courtesy and clinical expertise you have come to expect from RaySearch will continue throughout the course of  our collaboration. We are here to answer any questions you may have, whether you are a prospective or established customer. We are not merely your treatment planning vendor – we are partners in your journey.

RaySearch Community

RaySearch Community is a unique space for our customers to connect with us and other users around the world. Use it to log a case for support, log an enhancement request, join groups to talk about certain topics, find videos such as tutorials, product demonstrations and testimonials from other users, find FSNs and much more. You can login or request a login via the Community button on this page, a little further up. This tutorial here will also show you how it all works.

Dedicated support team

RaySearch strives to maintain a high level of service. We strive to make sure our customers feel secure and satisfied with our products. We listen to our customers and try our best to accommodate all enhancement requests in future versions of the software.


We recognize that implementing a new treatment planning system or replacing an existing platform is not an easy task. Therefore we strive to streamline the installation to ensure it has very little impact on the daily work of the clinical staff. Each customer is provided with a dedicated RayStation Support Team consisting of three experts: an application engineer, a physicist and an IT engineer. For each installation, RaySearch assigns, as a single point of contact, a project manager who leads the dedicated team of experts and communicates with the clinic through every step of the process.


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