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RaySearch licenses UHN automation technologies

In this video, UHN outlines the impact of the automatic treatment planning innovations it recently licensed to RaySearch, enabling algorithms from Princess Margaret Cancer Center to be integrated into RayStation.

Inside RayStation

Meet RayStation, the next generation of treatment planning systems with a dramatically enhanced user experience and ground breaking features like multi-criteria optimization, ultrafast computation speed and 4D adaptive radiation therapy. RayStation can help revolutionize your planning process and quality.

Proton Therapy in RayStation

The precision of proton therapy makes it a unique treatment method. A basic fact of proton therapy is that high precision also means sensitivity to change. RaySearch understands this, and we’ve designed the RayStation treatment planning system to account for every eventuality.

Introduction to Adaptive Therapy

Now you can be certain treatment delivery is on course to achieve your clinical goals. RayStation – adaptive therapy is now.

Introduction to RayStation

Get an overview of what all you can achieve in treatment planning with RayStation.

Tutorial 1: Introduction to adaptive therapy and dose tracking

In this first tutorial, you will get a general introduction to adaptive radiation therapy and on how to do dose tracking in RayStation.

Tutorial 2: Preparing for dose tracking

If you’ve watched the tutorial #1, you know the basics of dose tracking using RayStation. Now let’s take a step back and look at the actions required to actually perform dose tracking.

Tutorial 3: Adaptive replanning

In this tutorial, we will look at how you can make an adapted plan in RayStation for when you you have delivered a number of fractions of the treatment for a given patient and realized that you need to do a modification of the treatment plan in order to avoid underdosage of target or dose escalation in organs at risk.

Introduction to Plan Explorer

What if you could deliver every treatment with an optimal combination of treatment technique and machine, for every patient, every day?

Demonstration of the speed of RayStation

See how the unrivaled calculation and optimization speed in RayStation can transform your planning.

Introduction to rayDeformable

Get a quick introduction to deformable registration in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayDeformable

Get an in-depth demonstration of deformable registration in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayAutoBreast

Get an overview of the automated breast planning in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayFallback

Get an overview of the Fallback planning module in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayConformal

Get an overview of the 3D-CRT module in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayArc

Get a demonstration of the VMAT module in RayStation.

Introduction to rayNavigator

Get an introduction to the unique Multi-criteria optimization tool in RayStation.

Demonstration of rayNavigator

Get an in-depth demonstration of the unique Multi-criteria optimization tool in RayStation.

Introduction to Proton PBS in RayStation

Get an introduction to proton planning in RayStation. See how easy and efficient it is to create deliverable proton plans.

Demonstration of Advanced proton planning in RayStation

Get to see some of the more advanced features of proton planning in RayStation like robust optimization and Multi-Criteria Optimization.

Introduction to scripting in RayStation

Get an introduction to the fantastic scripting capabilities available in RayStation.

Demonstration of Scripting in RayStation

Get an in-depth demonstration of the fantastic scripting capabilities available in RayStation.

RayStation@Zhejiang Cancer Hospital

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China has managed to increase efficiency and quality of planning at their radiation therapy department. See how RayStation treatment planning system has contributed to that achievement.

RayStation@Ironwood Cancer Centers

See how Ironwood Cancer Centers achieve great efficiency across 5 centers with RayStation.

RayStation@Provision Center for Proton Therapy

See how Provision Center for Proton Therapy achieve great results in Proton PBS with RayStation.


Radiotherapiegroep tells how Multi-criteria optimization in RayStation has helped them improve their workflow and personalize care for their patients.

Meet RaySearch

At RaySearch highly qualified specialists work together to apply their scientific skills and experiences to solve real-world problems and improve the life for cancer patients. Watch how!

15 years of advancing cancer treatment

See how RaySearch has become a world leader in the field of advanced software for radiation therapy in just 15 years.