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RaySearch to demonstrate machine learning advances at ASTRO

During 15-17 September, RaySearch will exhibit its latest advances in oncology software at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 2019 annual meeting in Chicago, USA. On show will be new development in machine learning technology and automation in the RayStation*® treatment planning system and the RayCare®* oncology information system. Attendees are welcome to visit RaySearch at booth #2218, and demonstrations can be booked now at

Machine learning capabilities were added already in RayStation 8B and are being continuously improved. RaySearch has now been granted FDA 510(k) clearance for deep learning organ segmentation and for machine learning automated planning for a key model. Several planning models are being validated for future FDA 510(k) clearance. Demonstrations will be available of the machine learning applications in RayStation and the forthcoming analytics platform.

The latest release, RayStation 9A*, added support for treatment machines with dual-layer multileaf collimator (MLC) and non-rotating jaws, which are properties of the Varian** Halcyon™** machine. This feature is in line with RaySearch’s goal of unifying treatment planning for as many treatment delivery machines and systems as possible.

Another new feature is the support for directly deliverable multi-criteria optimization for VMAT in combination with Varian** machines. This functionality was introduced for Elekta machines in RayStation 8B. There are also additional possibilities for exporting VSim plans for use in other treatment planning systems. New features for proton therapy planning include caching of spot doses to speed up the optimization process.

New! Brachytherapy planning and chemo prescription

RaySearch is currently developing support for brachytherapy planning* and chemotherapy* prescription. Demonstrations of these features will be available.

RayCare 3A* introduced several new features to support the efficiency and workload control for users. The enhanced ‘Home’ workspace provides a comprehensive overview for each user’s activities, including new features such as task statistics to guide daily priorities and one-click addition of tasks, messages and appointments. The RayCare workflow engine now supports modular patient workflows. Modules of tasks can be added when different clinical decision points are reached, making it possible to tailor digital workflows to patient needs.

Furthermore, the new patient summary workspace provides a convenient patient-centered overview and quick navigation to essential workspaces. Enhancements have been made throughout to boost usability and performance.

RayCare 3A also introduces RayCare Flow, a feature package that optimizes the treatment planning process by providing automated task management for all the steps in the planning workflow. RayCare Flow will be showcased at ASTRO.  

Joint demonstrations

Online adaptive proton therapy workflow with IBA
Discover the first online adaptive proton therapy workflow. IBA and RaySearch will demonstrate their innovative approach to streamlining patient treatment workflows with the first fully integrated software suite for online adaptive proton therapy delivery. The suite enables efficient and accurate treatment plan delivery as well as fast online plan adaptation.

Support for the TomoTherapy platform treatment management and planning
Demonstrations of RayStation and RayCare functionality for the TomoTherapy® platform will be available at the Accuray booth. RayStation includes full support for the TomoTherapy and Radixact® Systems, including advanced features such as multi-criteria optimization, adaptive planning and Plan Explorer. Demonstrations can be booked by visiting the RaySearch and Accuray booths.

RaySearch deputy CEO Björn Hårdemark will make a presentation at Accuray’s AEROTM Academy on Tuesday 17. September, 10:45–11:15 am: “Robust optimization is the solution to treating breast cancer with TomoTherapy”.

Proton planning for MEVION S250i HYPERSCAN
Mevion Medical Systems will showcase the latest developments in the MEVION S250i with HYPERSCAN™, including demonstrations of Pencil Beam Scanning using RayStation. Demonstrations can be booked by visiting the RaySearch and Mevion booths.

Flexible virtual simulation with Canon Medical
The collaboration between Canon Medical and RaySearch includes a highly flexible and efficient workflow for virtual simulation. Virtual simulation in RayStation complements Canon Medical’s CT, PET/CT, and MRI simulators and can optionally be expanded with deformable registration. Demonstrations can be booked by visiting the RaySearch and Canon booths. 

A night with RaySearch
At 7 pm on Sunday 15 September, RaySearch will host an exclusive evening event (by invitation only). For more information, please visit the RaySearch booth or contact your sales representative.

About RaySearch
RaySearch is a medical technology company that develops innovative software solutions to improve cancer care. The company markets the RayStation treatment planning system and RayCare, the next-generation oncology information system, worldwide. Over 2,600 clinics in more than 65 countries use RaySearch software to improve life and outcomes for patients. The company was founded in 2000 and the share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2003.

About RayCare
RayCare is designed to support the complex logistical challenges of modern oncology clinics. It represents the future of oncology information system technology, supporting the vision of one oncology workflow. Many cancer patients receive a combination of treatment types, and RayCare is designed to reflect that. It will efficiently coordinate activities in radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery and will offer advanced features for clinical resource optimization, workflow automation and adaptive radiation therapy. RayCare is being developed with tomorrow’s requirements for advanced analytics and decision support in mind.

About RayStation 
RayStation is a flexible, innovative treatment planning system, chosen by many of the leading cancer centers worldwide. It combines unique features such as unmatched adaptive therapy capabilities, multi-criteria optimization, market-leading algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimization with highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron, proton and carbon ion therapy. RayStation supports a wide range of treatment machines, providing one control center for all treatment planning needs and ensuring centers get greater value from existing equipment. RayStation also seamlessly integrates with RayCare, the next-generation oncology information system. By harmonizing the treatment planning, we enable better care for cancer patients worldwide.

More information about RaySearch is available at

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

** The marks VARIAN and HALCYON are trademarks of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. There is no association, sponsorship and/or endorsement between RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) and its subsidiaries or related entities with Varian Medical Systems.  

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