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RaySearch receives largest order to date: MedAustron chooses RayStation, RayCare and RayCommand for two proton and carbon ion treatment facilities

MedAustron specializing in particle therapy and research, has placed orders with combined order value of about 12 MEUR excluding service agreement for the RayStation treatment planning system, RayCare oncology information system and RayCommand* treatment control system. The order, which is the single largest to date for RaySearch, will provide a comprehensive setup to EBG MedAustron GmbH and MedAustron International GmbH facilities.

MedAustron, RaySearch’s first customer for carbon ion therapy treatment planning in RayStation back in 2012, has now decided to replace existing systems and only use RaySearch software exclusively. 

The RayCare oncology information system (OIS) has been in clinical use since October 2018. An OIS is used to coordinate all the complex procedures that are involved in a comprehensive cancer treatment regime. This includes handling diagnostic studies and consultation notes, facilitating tumor board meetings, scheduling resources, data collection, charge capture and follow-up of treatment outcome. RayCare is designed for patient-centric digital workflows that help increase efficiency and quality of care.

The RayCommand treatment control system (TCS) is the latest extension of the RaySearch product line, and its announcement in 2018 has generated high interest worldwide. The system acts as a link between the treatment machine and the treatment planning and oncology information systems. It coordinates and orchestrates the different systems involved, such as the imaging systems, the beam delivery system and the patient support system. 

A major clinical benefit of using RayStation, RayCare and RayCommand together is that they enable true online adaptive therapy. Support for offline treatment adaptation has been a key feature in RayStation for many years, but clinical implementation together with the other OIS:s on the market has been cumbersome. RayCare overcomes this issue. For online treatment adaptation, the TCS must also be involved, but many existing TCS are not designed for this. 

It is a natural step for MedAustron, one of the most advanced clinics in the world, to move up to a truly integrated solution. The suite of software systems from RaySearch is designed to meet the needs of online adaptive while ensuring safe and efficient treatments and maximizing beam utilization time.

Alfred Zens, CEO of MedAustron, and Markus Stock, Head of Medical Physics at MedAustron, are most pleased about the conclusion of the contract: “Patient centered clinical workflows are a key issue for us and with RayStation, RayCare and especially also RayCommand this goal can be achieved most efficiently. Having one single software platform from treatment planning to workflows in the irradiation rooms allows us to prevent e.g. unnecessary data transfer and to speed up our everyday work. Particle therapy is very sensitive to changes of anatomy or setup under treatment and now this closed cycle of fast treatment adaptations is possible within one clinic wide accessible platform in a very user-friendly environment.”  

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “This order marks a new milestone for RaySearch. Institutions like MedAustron apply the most sophisticated new technology to lead the way toward the future of cancer treatments. I am very proud that they have chosen a complete software suite from RaySearch, including RayCommand, to drive their facility and treatment delivery system. It is our strategy to maintain a position as an independent software provider that makes this possible. The fact that this is our largest order to date is another indication that a wider market is open for us."

The combined order value is about 12 MEUR, of which approximately 25 percent will be recognized as revenues within Q2 of 2019. The majority of the remaining order value will be recognized beyond 2019.

This information is information that RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 15:55 CET on June 28, 2019.

About MedAustron

MedAustron is a cutting-edge center for ion therapy and research, specialized in advanced cancer treatment using protons and carbon ions. The center is located in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, around 50 km south of Vienna. MedAustron has 180 employees from about 18 different countries, including physicians, physicists, engineers, medical physicists and radiation therapy technologists.

About RaySearch

RaySearch is a medical technology company that develops innovative software solutions to improve cancer care. The company markets the RayStation treatment planning system and RayCare*, the next-generation oncology information system, worldwide. Over 2,600 clinics in more than 65 countries use RaySearch’s software to improve life and outcomes for patients. The company was founded in 2000 and the share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2003.

About RayCare

RayCare is designed to support the complex logistical challenges of modern oncology clinics. It represents the future of oncology information system technology, supporting the vision of one oncology workflow. Many cancer patients receive a combination of treatment types, and RayCare is designed to reflect that. It will efficiently coordinate activities in radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery and will offer advanced features for clinical resource optimization, workflow automation and adaptive radiation therapy. RayCare is being developed with tomorrow’s requirements for advanced analytics and decision support in mind.

About RayCommand

Announced in 2018, the RayCommand treatment control system (TCS) is the link between the treatment machine and the treatment planning and oncology information systems. RayCommand coordinates and orchestrates the different systems involved, such as imaging systems, beam delivery systems and the patient support system. Effective coordination is critical in order to achieve safe and efficient patient treatments. 

About RayStation

RayStation is a flexible, innovative treatment planning system, chosen by many of the leading cancer centers worldwide. It combines unique features such as unmatched adaptive therapy capabilities, multi-criteria optimization, market-leading algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimization with highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron, proton and carbon ion therapy. RayStation supports a wide range of treatment machines, providing one control center for all treatment planning needs and ensuring centers get greater value from existing equipment. RayStation also seamlessly integrates with RayCare, the next-generation oncology information system. By harmonizing the treatment planning, we enable better care for cancer patients worldwide.

More information about RaySearch is available at www.raysearchlabs.com 

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

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