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Leading Belgian teaching hospital selects RayStation

RayStation® will automate workflows and support larger-scale adaptive planning at AZ Sint-Jan Brugge – Oostende AV Hospital.

AZ Sint-Jan Brugge – Oostende AV Hospital, a leading Belgian teaching hospital, has selected RayStation as the sole treatment planning system for the expanding radiation therapy department at its campus in Bruges. RayStation will replace the department’s existing system and will support treatment planning for existing linacs, as well as two newly purchased machines.

RayStation will enable the department to simplify and optimize its workflows, and to take strides in adaptive planning. The agreement includes, amongst other things, the full RayStation adaptive radiation therapy package and multi-criteria optimization (MCO). Licenses have been purchased for nine concurrent users.

Geertrui Demeestere, M.D., head of the radiation therapy department at the campus in Bruges, says: “RayStation’s MCO capabilities will give us a simpler way to create optimized plans that match our clinical objectives for each individual case. The contouring tools are excellent and will save significant time while increasing accuracy.”

Bert Bakelandt, head of physics at AZ Sint-Jan – Oostende AV Hospital, Bruges, says: “Adaptive radiation therapy is an important approach for us going forward and RayStation gives us all the tools we need in a single system. Features such as rapid calculation speed and highly accurate deformable registration will enable a fast and effective adaptive therapy workflow.  RaySearch has the technical expertise to tailor the installation to our requirements, including implementation of a VMware Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure solution. RayStation’s scripting tools offer the possibility to automate and optimize the treatment planning workflow.”

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch Laboratories, says: “We are very pleased to provide the complete treatment planning solution for AZ Sint-Jan – Oostende AV Hospital. Adaptive radiation therapy is a key focus for us, and we have designed RayStation from the outset to support this approach. We look forward to a collaboration that will bring the benefits of adaptive therapy to more patients in Bruges.” 

About AZ Sint-Jan – Oostende AV Hospital
AZ Sint-Jan - Oostende AV Hospital  is a leading teaching hospital in Belgium. Its Bruges campus has 892 beds, 228 physicians and surgeons and 2,336 other full-time staff. The hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities include 18 operating theaters, a 45-bed intensive care unit, advanced microsurgery capabilities and a world-class laboratory. The radiation therapy department treats around 1,500 patients per year.

About RayStation
RayStation integrates all RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning solutions into a flexible treatment planning system. It combines unique features such as multi-criteria optimization tools with full support for 4D adaptive radiation therapy. It also includes functionality such as RaySearch’s market-leading algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimization and highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron, proton and carbon ion therapy. The system is built on the latest software architecture and features a graphical user interface with state-of-the-art usability.

About RaySearch
RaySearch Laboratories is a medical technology company that develops advanced software solutions for improved radiation therapy of cancer. RaySearch markets the RayStation treatment planning system to clinics all over the world. In addition, RaySearch’s products are distributed through licensing agreements with leading medical technology companies. RaySearch’s software is used by over 2,600 clinics in more than 65 countries. RaySearch was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and the company is listed in the Mid Cap segment on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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