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First rotational IMRT treatment with a Siemens Artiste linear accelerator and RayStation

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) announces that the first clinical mARC treatment, planned with RaySearch’s treatment planning system RayStation®, has been delivered at Europe Hospitals in Brussels, Belgium. mARC (Modulated Arc) is a type of rotational IMRT treatment carried out with Siemens Artiste® linear accelerators, where the beam is kept turned on as the gantry rotates around the patient. The concept enables as high treatment precision as with ordinary IMRT but with significantly faster delivery times.

Europe Hospitals is the largest private hospital group in Brussels with 716 stay-in beds and 200 one-day beds. They employ about 300 medical doctors and 2,000 staff members spread over two sites. Brussels Europe Hospitals run a private Radiotherapy and Oncology Department. The External Beam Radiotherapy department is fully equipped for modern external beam and HDR-brachytherapy treatments.

“We acquired RayStation® in 2013 based on the breadth of technology including support of rotational IMRT for all types of linear accelerators, the high speed of planning and dose computation, the robustness of optimization and the ease of analysis. Now we have implemented mARC or rotational IMRT on the Siemens Artiste® linear accelerators clinically, and on April 17 the first patient worldwide received an mARC treatment that was planned in RayStation®”, says Dr. Carl Salembier, Head of the Radiation Oncology department at Brussels Europe Hospitals.

Alex Rijnders, Chief Medical Physicist at Brussels Europe Hospitals, adds: "We are happy that we can offer our patients this advanced treatment modality. Thanks to the powerful capabilities of RayStation®, treatment planning turned out easy and efficient, leading to optimal solutions and high plan quality. We are looking forward to further collaboration with RaySearch in exploring the possibilities offered by the mARC treatment modality, such as hybrid treatments."

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, comments: “The unique optimization algorithms in RayStation® enabling rotational therapy with Siemens Artiste® linacs were developed together with Siemens in 2012. As they have now been validated clinically, I believe RayStation® is the only modern treatment planning system that offers adequate support for all advanced treatment modalities from all the major hardware vendors including Siemens. This capability makes RayStation® a highly attractive alternative for clinics with Siemens linear accelerators or a mix of linear accelerators from different vendors.”

About RayStation®
RayStation® integrates all RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning solutions into a flexible treatment planning system. It combines unique features such as multi-criteria optimization tools with full support for 4D adaptive radiation therapy. It also includes functionality such as RaySearch’s market-leading algorithms for IMRT and VMAT optimization and highly accurate dose engines for photon, electron and proton therapy. The system is built on the latest software architecture and has a graphical user interface offering state-of-the-art usability.

About RaySearch
RaySearch Laboratories is a medical technology company that develops advanced software solutions for improved radiation therapy of cancer. RaySearch’s products are mainly sold through license agreements with leading partners such as Philips, Nucletron, IBA, Varian and Brainlab. To date, 15 products have been launched through partners and RaySearch’s software is used at 2,500 clinics in more than 65 countries. In addition, RaySearch offers the proprietary treatment planning system RayStation® directly to clinics. RaySearch was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and the company is listed in the Small Cap segment on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

For more information about RaySearch, visit www.raysearchlabs.com

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Johan Löf, President and CEO, RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ)
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