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RaySearch enters partnership with Siemens

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ.) has entered into a long-term development and licensing agreement with Siemens Healthcare. This new collaboration means that RaySearch will provide a number of treatment planning modules aimed at improving radiation therapy. The software modules will be integrated in Siemens’ syngo® Suite for Oncology, which is Siemens’ integrated workflow solution for radiation therapy.

“We are very proud to form this partnership with Siemens as they are one of the leading global suppliers of equipment for radiation therapy”, says Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch. “Our advanced radiation treatment components together with Siemens’ comprehensive syngo® platform will become a highly competitive package. We are looking forward to joining our forces and bringing these state of the art solutions to Siemens’ customers all over the world”, concludes Johan Löf.

“With its experience in the field of software components for radiation oncology, RaySearch is an excellent partner for the joint development of special software solutions. The cooperation with RaySearch will complement our software offerings, and give our customers access to a variety of new technologies for the clinical routine.” says Holger Schmidt, CEO of Siemens Healthcare Oncology Care Systems.

The collaboration is expected to start generating revenues for RaySearch during 2011.