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First patient treated with RaySearch’s proton therapy system

In August this year, RaySearch Laboratories AB signed an agreement with the Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden, covering the development of a new treatment planning system for proton radiation therapy carried out at the The Svedberg Laboratory. Yesterday, an important milestone was reached when the first patient was treated clinically with a treatment plan prepared using the new system supplied by RaySearch. The system is integrated in the Oncentra MasterPlan treatment planning system from RaySearch’s partner Nucletron. The University Hospital treats more than 100 cancer patients annually with proton therapy at the The Svedberg Laboratory and the system will be used for all proton treatments in the future.

“The new treatment planning system saves substantial time with its user-friendly tools providing us with various optimization alternatives and the possibilities of making fine adjustments. The dose calculations are exact and optimized to the clinical reality. In addition to the concise presentation of treatment plan data, filter and field shapes are visualized graphically in a clear and pleasant manner,” says Christina Vallhagen Dahlgren, Senior Hospital Physicist, proton therapy at the University Hospital.

Johan Löf, President of RaySearch, adds: “Radiation therapy with protons is a strategically important area for RaySearch and we are working intensively to realize a competitive system for treatment planning of proton therapy. The first patient treated with the use of our system is a key milestone in our efforts to deliver solutions to existing and new proton centers worldwide. It is also highly inspiring that we can contribute to improving cancer care in Sweden in this manner.”

Proton therapy is one of RaySearch's prioritized development areas and the company is participating in discussions regarding a number of business opportunities in the field. For example, RaySearch is working actively with its partner Nucletron on four tenders.