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Stockholm, September 13, 2007

Johan Löf, Erik Hedlund, Anders Brahme, Carl Filip Bergendal, Anders
Liander and Bengt Lind (”the Principal Owners”) divested 561,174 B
shares in RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) (”RaySearch”). This
corresponds to 1.1 % of the votes and 4.8 % of the capital in RaySearch.
Accordingly, as of September 13, 2007 the Principal Owners hold shares
corresponding to 84.8 % of the votes and 41.1 % of the capital in

The Principal Owners divested shares at the same time as employees, who
slightly more than two years ago, acquired shares in RaySearch through
an option program, sold 98,905 (of which Anders Liander 10,079) of these
shares in a coordinated procedure.

The total number of shares which were sold, were 650,000.

Johan Löf sold 277,797 shares, Erik Hedlund 69,730 shares, Anders Brahme
61,857 shares, Carl Filip Bergendal 47,237 shares, Anders Liander 47,237
plus 10,079 which totals 57,316 shares and Bengt Lind 47,237 shares, all
of which were series B. Refer to the table below regarding the Principal
Owners’ shareholdings after the sales.

A key purpose of the Principal Owners’ sales was to continue to improve
the liquidity in the RaySearch B share, which is listed on the Nordic
Exchange in the Mid Cap segment and classified within the Health Care
sector. The Principal Owners will remain as long-term majority owners in

Johan Löf, Erik Hedlund, Anders Brahme and Carl Filip Bergendal are
bound to retain, through their series A shares, a voting majority in
RaySearch through 2012 in accordance with agreements with two of the
company’s cooperation partners. The Principal Owners have agreed not to
sell additional shares in RaySearch within the next six months.

The purchasers of the shares were a number of international and Swedish
institutional investors.

The holdings of the Principal Owners before the sales are shown below.

A shares B shares Votes in % Capital in %
Johan Löf 2,081,028 558,928 43.3 23.1
Erik Hedlund 522,363 145,963 10.9 5.8
Anders Brahme 463,387 128,657 9.7 5.2
Carl Filip 353,859 98,877 7.4 4.0
Anders 353,859 119,035 7.4 4.1
Bengt Lind 353,859 73,877 7.3 3.7
Total 4,128,355 1,125,337 85.9 45.9

The holdings of the Principal Owners after the sales are shown below.

A shares B shares Votes in % Capital in %
Johan Löf 2,081,028 281,131 42,7 20.7
Erik Hedlund 522,363 76,233 10.7 5.2
Anders Brahme 463,387 66,800 9.5 4.6
Carl Filip 353,859 51,640 7.3 3.6
Anders 353,859 61,719 7.3 3.6
Bengt Lind 353,859 26,640 7.2 3.3
Total 4,128,355 564,163 84.8 41.1

Handelsbanken was the financial advisor to RaySearch and the Principal
For further information:
Johan Löf
President and CEO, RaySearch Laboratories AB
Telephone: +46 (0)8-545 061 30

About RaySearch
RaySearch’s business concept is to provide innovative software to
radiation therapy clinics for more effective radiation treatment of
cancer. RaySearch, a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet, was formed in
2000. Through a licensing agreement with Philips, the company’s first
product, p-RayOptimizer, has to date been sold to over 1,000 hospitals
internationally and more than 100,000 patients have received improved
radiation therapy. A licensing agreement was signed with Nucletron at
the beginning of 2004 and deliveries of the first product based on this
partnership, n-RayOptimizer, began in April 2005. In February 2006 an
agreement was signed with Scanditronix-Wellhöfer regarding development
of products for improved quality assurance of IMRT. In October 2006,
RaySearch signed an agreement with Philips covering the development of
products in adaptive radiation therapy. In November 2006 RaySearch
signed a development and license agreement with Nucletron regarding
treatment planning for proton therapy in cancer treatment. In May 2007
RaySearch signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Varian Medical
Systems to develop advanced radiotherapy treatment planning. An
agreement was signed with TomoTherapy in August 2007 regarding two
products aimed to simplify the treatment process for clinics with both
conventional linacs and TomoTherapy systems.

RaySearch is listed on the Nordic List in the Mid Cap segment of the
Health Care sector. RaySearch is based in Stockholm.

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ)
Sveavägen 25
SE-111 34 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 (0)8–545 061 30
Company website: www.raysearchlabs.com