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High Quality VMAT Plans
The Flexible Way


Our proven VMAT treatment planning algorithm is the most flexible solution available today, allowing you to efficiently create high-quality single or multiple-arc plans for Elekta, Varian* and Siemens linacs. If you are comparing RayStation with RayPlan you may want to check out VMAT in RayStation also.

*The mark VARIAN is a trademark of Varian Medical Systems Inc. There is no association, sponsorship and/or endorsement between RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) and its subsidiaries or related entities with Varian Medical Systems.

VMAT planning

Design and optimization of single- or multiple-arc plans is enabled. VMAT planning is done using an optimization procedure (inverse planning).

Objectives and constraints for the desired dose are defined and the system creates a plan that matches these criteria as closely as possible within the limitations of the treatment machine. The optimized plan is directly deliverable, without the need for post-processing that might degrade quality.

VMAT planning follows the same workflow as SMLC optimization. Delivery time and motion constraints can also be used.

The direct optimization of machine parameters means the optimized plan is directly deliverable, with no post-processing required. Varian, Elekta and Siemens machines are supported, including non-upgraded Varian machines and the Siemens mArc.

As computation takes seconds rather than minutes, you can create several alternative treatment plans to assess different trade-off scenarios, instead of opening a second case or going on a break during computations. Download the study below to learn how faster calculation times for VMAT planning can significantly increase the fulfillment of clinical goals.

“RayStation is such an efficient tool, it is way faster than anything we’ve experienced before. Furthermore, the system is very intuitive and easy-to-use, and I don’t need to spend a lot of time to understand it. RayStation is a pleasure to work with. It is also a satisfaction to see that we get near perfect validation on our QAs for VMAT.”

Christoffer Lervåg
Medical Physicist at Ålesund Hospital

Demonstration video




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Oscar Matzinger, MD, Chief Radiation Oncologist, L’Hôpital Riviera, Switzerland

“RayStation is our sole treatment planning system here at L’Hôpital Riviera. Approximately 80% of our patients are treated using VMAT, and we find that the plans are of excellent quality.”

Riviera Case study


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Boost your linac with smart optimization

RayStation lets you can take constant dose rate VMAT to the next level thanks to smart optimization. Now you can reach plan quality equivalent to variable dose rate VMAT without an expensive hardware upgrade.

Using the powerful scripting and dose mimicking functionality unique to RayStation, we can create CDR plans that are comparable in plan quality to a variable dose rate plan, while still maintaining a high level of plan quality, and significantly shorter delivery times then what is typical for IMRT. The mean delivery times for tested prostate plans are between one and two minutes for both techniques, and between two and four minutes for the tested head and neck plans. Read more in the white paper below.


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