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Treatment planning efficiency

The RayCare* planning and QA whiteboards provide an interactive real-time overview of all dosimetry patients and the status of their treatment planning and QA workflow. Combined with the plan overview, RayCare provides all information required to coordinate and support a timely and efficient workflow. RayCare PACS ensures that appropriate images are available, further simplifying treatment planning preparations.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.


Optimizing the process

RayCare optimizes the treatment planning process by providing task management for all the steps in the planning and QA workflow. Treatment planning tools and patient task lists are readily available in RayStation, eliminating the need to switch between RayStation and RayCare. Treatment planning tasks automatically open RayStation with the correct workspace, patient, plan, and beam set selected. Patient information, imaging, and data are automatically transferred between RayCare and RayStation, saving users multiple clicks and streamlining the treatment planning process. RayCare becomes the environment from which treatment planning is coordinated and managed.

• Data-driven tasks which open the correct patient, workspace, plan and beam set in RayStation
• RayCare patient panel and task list in RayStation
• Whiteboards for planning and QA
• Plan overview and planning instructions in RayCare
• Automated and integrated image management using RayCare PACS