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Treatment management

RayCare* consists of multiple tools to aid the management of radiotherapy treatment for oncology patients. RayCare aims to connect seamlessly to all treatment delivery devices in operation at modern oncology centers around the world using the RayCare control room application RayTreat or the treatment session management system RayCommand.

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.


RayCare provides structured management of radiotherapy prescriptions, setup instructions and setup devices. All treatment data is transferred automatically to RayTreat and onto the treatment machine. A continuously updated treatment whiteboard provides a real time overview of the progress of all patient treatments while the treatment course overview workspace serves as a patient specific treatment overview.

RaySearch has several established partnerships and works continuously to enhance and develop support for interoperability with many leading hardware manufacturers including IBA, Accuray, Mevion, and Varian.



  • Treatment management workflow support from treatment intent to treatment delivery
  • Management of prescriptions, setup information and offline image review
  • Treatment course overview with detailed session information
  • Treatment whiteboard with overview of all treatments
  • Workflow guidance during treatment