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RayCare* is built using a state‐of‐the‐art software platform. It was developed to ensure high levels of stability, availability, quality and safety. A modern, scalable framework meets the demands of large numbers of mobile users and is designed to support the current and future functionality needs of the world’s leading cancer centers.

Unmatched usability

RayCare will combine innovative features with outstanding ease of use. Usability experts are involved in every step of the process, and our development team continuously collects feedback from partner clinics regarding design and interaction. The system offers a highly visual presentation of relevant data, with clear visualization of complex workflows and a modern design.


Outstanding operability

RayCare is scalable to support both small and large installations in a cost‐efficient manner. The system is also cloud‐ready to accommodate different deployment schemes. A wide range of services can be accessed through web applications, and RayCare supports platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. 

Integrated treatment planning services (contouring, optimization and calculation) are provided by RayStation.

RaySearch has established partnerships with and frameworks with leading hardware manufacturers, including Accuray, IBA, Mevion, ProNova, BEBIG and AVO. 

Platform-independent architecture

RayCare uses the latest technology and frameworks developed for mission critical systems that need to be available 24/7. It is platform-independent, designed to support large numbers of simultaneous users and be accessible on multiple platforms and devices.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.