Scheduling comprehensive care requires the coordination of many valuable and limited resources including personnel, treatment devices, consultation and simulation rooms. Complex scheduling needs can result in unnecessary delays to patient care. RayCare* is designed to provide full control over appointment scheduling and the use of resources with convenient calendar views, rule-based scheduling and scheduling suggestions.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

Task-based and rule-based scheduling

RayCare’s task and rule-based scheduling supports efficient and timely scheduling of resources for single appointments or series of appointments. Based on user configurable appointment customization, the task and rule-based scheduling engine knows which resources are required for a given procedure and can automatically recommend a time slot. Rescheduling of appointments can be done efficiently from the dedicated rescheduling workspace.


  • Calendars and resource management for all clinic resources
  • Task and rule-based scheduling
  • Scheduling and rescheduling suggestions