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A treatment control system for modern technology

RayCommand* is the latest addition to our suite of oncology software and a renewal of our promise to advance cancer treatment. It addresses the demand for a treatment control system that is compatible with multiple hardware models and supports the advanced functionalities of newer, more modern treatment machines and software systems.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

Interoperability is our priority

Interoperability with a wide range of treatment delivery equipment is a crucial element of RayCommand. We have designed it to be portable between hardware systems to avoid locking users into a restrictive software environment. As a first step RayCommand is applicable only for particle therapy but will also support photon therapy in the future.

Just as the treatment planning system RayStation is designed to harmonize the radiation treatment planing process, and RayCare to streamline workflow in the clinics, RayCommand simplifies workflows in the treatment room.


Patient centered radiation therapy

The idea to develop a TCS resulted from a collaboration agreement between RaySearch and AVO to develop a comprehensive software solution for the proton therapy system AVO LIGHT. This sparked a great deal of interest from other industrial and clinical partners as well. One of them is MedAustron, specializing in particle therapy and research. They have decided to go with a truly integrated solution with the RayStation treatment planning system, RayCare oncology information system and RayCommand treatment control system. RayCommand acts as a link between the treatment machine and the treatment planning and oncology information systems. It coordinates and orchestrates the different systems involved, such as the imaging systems, the beam delivery system and the patient support system.

Here is what Alfred Zens, CEO of MedAustron, and Markus Stock, Head of Medical Physics at MedAustron, have to say about this decision:

“Patient centered clinical workflows are a key issue for us and with RayStation, RayCare and especially also RayCommand this goal can be achieved most efficiently. Having one single software platform from treatment planning to workflows in the irradiation rooms allows us to prevent e.g. unnecessary data transfer and to speed up our everyday work. Particle therapy is very sensitive to changes of anatomy or setup under treatment and now this closed cycle of fast treatment adaptations is possible within one clinic wide accessible platform in a very user-friendly environment.”