RayCare PACS

RayCare* PACS, an integrated oncology PACS system, provides image workflow management and supports automation of workflows based on the availability of imaging data. It is designed to enable efficient adaptive workflows by managing and organizing large amounts of patient data created by the adaptive therapy process.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

RayCare PACS

Data can be stored, retrieved and searched for, using the graphical user interface of RayCare PACS which handles DICOM, DICOM RT and non-DICOM data. Data management between different systems and automation using PACS rules is also one of the several possibilities.

RayCare PACS is bundled with an image viewer which provides the means to visualise image data both as single data sets as well as fusion views of multiple data sets. Structure sets and dose can be displayed and annotations can be added to the dataset.



  • Support for DICOM, DICOM RT and non-DICOM objects
  • Image viewer with support for image registration and annotations
  • One-click anonymization of image data
  • Image workflow automation using PACS rules