RayCare Flow
Boost Your Treatment
Planning Workflow

Welcome to RayCare* Flow, a fully integrated treatment planning workflow automation suite. RayCare Flow is a license configuration of RayCare and is designed to connect the RayStation treatment planning system with the powerful workflow management capabilities of the RayCare oncology information system (OIS).

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

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The RayCare Flow package is fully integrated with RayStation and provides seamless access to all of RayStation’s powerful treatment planning tools. RayCare Flow optimizes the treatment planning process by providing automated task management for all the steps in the planning workflow. With this solution, RayCare becomes the environment from which treatment planning is coordinated and managed.

Patient lists are automatically synchronized between systems, reducing errors and duplicate work. RayCare coordinates and organizes tasks for the users and automatically launches RayStation in the correct workspace for the assigned task. Patients are automatically selected and RayCare PACS ensures that the appropriate images are already loaded, saving users multiple clicks and streamlining treatment planning.

The RayCare planning whiteboard provides an interactive real-time overview of all patients in dosimetry and the status of their treatment planning workflow. RayCare PACS provides image workflow management and automation to automatically import, associate, retrieve, forward, move and export images as required according to the workflow. Upon plan approval, deliverable plans can be automatically exported to the selected systems and locations.

RayCare Flow is an ideal first step toward a full RayCare OIS implementation and is designed for use in parallel with existing solutions, using HL7 ADT interfaces support patient ID management and synchronization across the systems.

  • RayCare digital workflow engine with pre-defined planning workflows
  • Increase efficiency of treatment planning workflow through automation
  • Enhance workload visibility and improve resource management
  • Real-time planning whiteboard
  • Automated plan generation based on RayStation protocols
  • Capture all clinical communications using task-based notes 
and built-in messaging
  • Automate and integrate image management with RayCare PACS 
  • Upgrade path to complete oncology information system
  • Integration with hospital information systems

RayCare Flow includes RayCare PACS, an easy to manage oncology DICOM-RT oncology PACS, image archive and DICOM-RT viewer. Designed to unify RayCare and RayStation, RayCare PACS allows departments to streamline and automate image workflows using custom rules and scripting. RayCare PACS features and benefits include:

  • Unified with RayCare and RayStation
  • Enables automated import and export of images
    and treatment plans with RayStation
  • Supports advanced customization rules and scripting
  • Store any file alongside images of the patient
  • Anonymize image data with one click
  • Works with any storage solution