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RaySearch at PTCOG 2022

27 June – 1 July in Miami, Florida, USA


RaySearch will be onsite at PTCOG presenting the latest news and advances in oncology software. We have several scientific presentations available. For those who are not attending the congress, we encourage you to book a personal online demo via this page.

RayStation® is the next generation of treatment planning systems. See what features are coming up in the near future, such as proton ARC optimization, proton dose calculation on CBCT, LET optimization, and FLASH planning.

RayCare® is an innovative oncology information system designed to support comprehensive cancer care. RayCare connects all oncology disciplines, enabling you to fluidly coordinate tasks to ensure optimal use of resources. RayCare® 5B* improves upon configurability of workflows, enabling the creation of clinical notes, documents and forms which are integrated directly into the patient chart. Patient chart improvements, extension of summary workspace, and increased support for radiotherapy processes are all included in the latest version.

RayIntelligence® is a cloud-based oncology analytics system that will simplify integrations and turn your data into insights. It can be used in all areas of cancer care including radiation therapy, medical oncology, and surgical oncology.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets

Visit our booth to book your own personal demo or book a demo online.

Demos at our booth

  • RayStation deep learning robust proton planning
  • LET evaluation
  • Monte Carlo proton dose calculations in under 5 seconds
  • RayOcular
  • Carbon and Light Ions
  • Proton Arcs
  • RayIntelligence
  • RayCare



Prior PTCOG webinars


Posters and Presentation

Robustness in proton arc treatments for head and neck cancer patients: impact of gantry angle spacing and number of revolutions

Marthin, Otte; Wase, Viktor; Glimelius, Lars; Bokrantz, Rasmus; Andersson, Björn; Fredriksson, Albin; de Jong, Bas; Korevaar, Erik W.; Both, Stefan; Engwall, Erik 

Lars Glimelius, Senior Product Manager Light Ions

Oral presentation PTC60-0270

Wednesday, June 29th, 14:20 - 15:00, Room 3

Session title: Integrating Biology in treatment planning -RBE and beyond
Session type: Biology

Reducing high LET component of dose to the brainstem in proton treatment planning for brain tumors by optimization

Vestergaard, Anne HøyerMorten, Kallehauge, Jesper; Nørrevang, Ole; Smulders, Bob; Lassen-Ramshad Yasmin; Muhic, Aida; Dahlrot, Rikke; Traneus, Erik; Korreman, Stine.

Dr. Anne Vestergaard, Medical Physicist, PhD,
Danish Center for Particle Therapy, Aarhus University Hospital

Poster PTC60-0058

Re-Assessment of Radiation Fields Applied to Clinical Proton Beam Therapy and Related Key Technical Requirements

Richard Amos1, Erik Traneus2, Stefan Schmidt3.
1Unversity College London, Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering, London, United Kingdom.
2RaySearch Laboratories AB, Physics, Stockholm, Sweden.
3Particle Therapy Consultant, Physics, Overath, Germany.

Poster PTC60-0048

LETd measurements of double-scattered proton fields with patient-specific range-compensator and aperture using silicon on insulator microdosimeter

Linh Tran1, Wen Hsi2, Romaine Nichols2, David Bolst1, Vladimir Pan1, Marco Petasecca1, Susanna Guatelli1, Michael Lerch1, Eric Traneus3, Michael Jackson1,4 and Anatoly Rosenfeld1

1Centre of Medical and Radiation Physics, University of Wollongong

2University of Florida, College of Medicine, Deparment of Radiation Oncology, and University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute, USA

3RaySearch Laboratories, Sweden

4University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia

Poster PTC60-0417

Conformal FLASH Proton therapy planning with Raystation

Arnaud Pin1, Erik Traneus2, Rasmus Nilsson2, Claes Fälth2, Rudi Labarbe1, Lucian Hotoiu1, François Vander Stappen1.
1Ion Beam Applications IBA SA, Research, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.
2RaySearch Laboratories AB, Research & Development, Stockholm, Sweden.