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Patient chart

The RayCare* patient chart contains a wide range of tools to manage clinical and administrative patient information. Different workspaces document the patient’s treatment progress from referral through treatment and follow-up. All information recorded in RayCare is accessible to perform clinic specific analysis and gain insight into the overall patient population and clinical processes. 

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

All parts of the patient medical record can be entered as structured data using the dedicated workspaces. The key information is presented in the innovative patient chart summary feature which provides an at-a-glance patient-centered overview of data and provides a hub for quick navigation to workspaces. Everywhere in the patient chart and throughout RayCare, the patient panel is displayed with the most important information about the patient inclulding safety critical information such as flags and alerts. Also, all tasks which are ready to be performed by the logged in user are displayed at all times in the patient chart. The patient data is readily available for the different healthcare providers working in the same patient chart.



  • User configurable summary of key data
  • Physicians’ intent and prescription
  • Diagnosis and tumor staging
  • Flags, alerts and allergies
  • Medication list
  • Patients’ vitals and lab results
  • Order management
  • Document management
  • Clinical trials management
  • Financial management and charge capture