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Almost 10 million people die from cancer annually, which has a profound effect on society as a whole. At RaySearch Laboratories we take great pride in the work that we do because it plays an integral role in the fight against the disease. We believe software holds the key to advancing and improving cancer treatment for patients worldwide.

This is why we fight

Alinne Andersson

Being part of fighting cancer gives my life meaning; as it could give me more time with the ones I love. Alinne Andersson

Johan Tavaststjerna

My mother and I survived. My grandparents did not. It feels great to fight back! It's personal! Johan Tavaststjerna

Dayna Bodensteiner

I’ve worked in the field for 27 years and have had many family and friends affected. I’ve seen cure rates increase, and I am passionate about a world without cancer. Dayna Bodensteiner

York Zang

I am a survivor, and I will fight for a cancer-free world. My work with RaySearch allows me to continue fighting. So, for me IT'S PERSONAL. York Zang

Mikael Biemann

I survived it
My mother did not.
So, for me, it's personal. Mikael Biemann

Jens Roland

A dear friend had a close call with cancer, so I decided to join the fight. Because, for me, it’s personal. Jens Roland

Aline Andersson

My fight against cancer began on the front lines as an ICU nurse. My work with RaySearch allows me to continue to stand with those still fighting. Aline Andersson

Maria Andersson

My grandmother was my idol. She fought cancer for many years, and survived. My dearest childhood friend did not. My beloved father did not. So, for me, it's personal.
Maria Andersson

Jessica Sandberg

My grandfather
was an important figure in
our family. He and his
legacy are the reason
why it's personal
for me. Jessica Sandberg

Frida Haraldsson

Within 6 weeks, I lost both my dad and my aunt, so for me, it’s personal. Frida Haraldsson

Matt Miley

I want to know
that my work
directly impacts
the lives of others.
So, for me, it's personal. Matt Miley

Johan Östergaard

I lost my brother to cancer. So for me, IT'S PERSONAL. Johan Östergaard

Steinunn Kristin Johannsdottir

My father did not win his battle against cancer. My contribution to RaySearch helps others win their battle. So for me, it’s personal. Steinunn Kristin Johannsdottir

Jon Treffert

For 30+ years I have worked with the development of new technology for cancer detection and treatment in hopes of achieving a cancer-free world. Jon Treffert

Freja Birkhammar

By recruiting the best people to RaySearch, I take part in improving the world! That is very inspiring to me! Freja Birkhammar

Samuel Adolfsson

Family and friends are affected. Some survived, some didn't, some still struggle. For me, it’s personal. Samuel Adolfsson

Grietsje Schregardus-Abma

My beloved grandfather, so grateful for his ‘VIP’ treatment by me and my colleagues in the clinic where I worked. He did not survive. For me it is personal! Grietsje Schregardus-Abma

Anna Ekholm

For me its personal. My mother recently developed a brain tumor. Some of my friends have survived; some have not. I want to take part in fighting cancer every day. Anna Ekholm

Lena Sjökvist

Too many people endure the loss of loved ones. It means so much to me that the work I do provides better care and conditions for those affected by cancer. Lena Sjökvist

Colin McCullagh

Cancer took my Dad, other family, and friends. I’d like payback, so for me it’s personal. Colin McCullagh

Freddie Cardel

I lost my father to cancer. I will continue to support our community to advance cancer treatments through pioneering software. Freddie Cardel

Henrik Friberger

Cancer continues to strike people I love and care about, so for me it’s personal. Henrik Friberger

Cajsa Johansson

I lost my friend Jessica to breast cancer. Two small children lost their mother. She was 30. She always lit up the room. I miss her. Cajsa Johansson

Björn Sebralla

I fight the 5th time in my family and the 2nd time with my wife. With the whole RaySearch Team I will win these fights. For me, IT’S PERSONAL. Björn Sebralla

Martin Janson

I know that my work at RaySearch can have a profound impact on the quality of life for patients all over the world. So, for me, its personal. Martin Janson

Katarina Berglund

Cancer took both my grandparents. For me, it's personal. Katarina Berglund

Kjell Eriksson

I have lost people close to me to cancer. Other loved ones survived after treatment. I will continue to work hard to see more positive outcomes. For me, It’s Personal. Kjell Eriksson

Bridget Bedeker

My father is a warrior in the fight against cancer. I join the fight by working for a company providing hope for a future without cancer. For me, it’s personal. Bridget Bedeker

Jin-Yu Lu

I came from Asia to Europe to study at medical schools.
Now I work from Europe to Asia to advance cancer treatments.
For me, IT’S PERSONAL. Jin-Yu Lu

Eva Nelson

My friend Helene was a fighter but after 13 years she lost the battle. Two daughters, a husband and many friends miss her terribly. To me It’s personal. Eva Nelson

My driving force

My story began in 1986 when I lost my mother to lung cancer. Fueled by the vision of a world where cancer is conquered, I made it my personal mission to do everything within my power and ability to see this vision become a reality.

The RaySearch story began in 2000 when I launched the company based on the scientific knowledge I acquired during my PhD years at the Karolinska Institute. During that time, I developed mathematical models and software for optimizing radiation therapy, thus improving the treatment plan and delivery for the individual cancer patient.

My driving force is to improve the quality of treatment for those affected by cancer. RaySearch’s innovative software solutions enable clinics to provide superior treatment options to more patients - in less time.

For me, it’s personal.


Our weapons in the battle against cancer

Today, our solutions support thousands of clinics worldwide in the fight against cancer. By making oncology software faster, easier and more flexible, we enable safer and better care for cancer patients worldwide. Our products give you the tools and features you need to take cancer treatment to the next level. Explore them here!