Financial Reports

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) Interim Report, January 1 – June 30, 2006

• Net sales for the period amounted to SEK 28.6 M (33.7) • Profit after tax totaled SEK 8.3 M (14.2) • Earnings per share after tax amounted to SEK 0.72 (1.26) • Operating profit amounted to SEK 11.3 M (19.7) • Cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK 19.2 M (15.4) Johan Löf, President and CEO of RaySearch Laboratories AB, comments on the first six months of the year as follows:

“The strong rate of growth in RaySearch abated during the second quarter of the year and, naturally, we are not pleased with the situation. Two thirds of the downturn in sales can be attributed to OM-Optimizer. The product was launched during the second quarter of 2005 and generated positive revenues during that quarter, which had an effect on comparative figures. Sales of OM-Optimizer have not performed as desired. As we previously announced, Nucletron has taken extensive measures and the impact on sales is expected during the second half of the year. The remaining third of the downturn in sales during the second quarter is attributable to RayOptimizer. This product continues to possess great potential because more than half of all Pinnacle-systems still lack RayOptimizer. RaySearch already has an established research cooperation with Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada, within adaptive radiation therapy. Within the framework of this successful cooperation a plenary presentation was made at ASTRO 2005 and a presentation will also be made at ASTRO 2006. It is pleasing that this cooperation is now being intensified and moving into the next phase. In three new projects, we will finance expanded research in prevailing new methods and adaptive treatment strategies for other forms of cancer than those studied to date. This increased cooperation is of great importance for RaySearch’s continued development of systems for adaptive radiation therapy. Negotiations regarding the long-term agreement with Philips within adaptive radiation therapy have been prolonged much later in time than we could have foreseen. As we view the situation currently, only the final detailed issues remain to be resolved before the agreement is fully finalized. Adaptive radiation therapy will be the major development area in the future and our ambition is to be among the leading players. RaySearch is now entering a new phase with a considerably broader product portfolio and we are optimistic about the future. Two new products, OM-Machine and OM-Machine+ were launched last month within the framework of the Nucletron partnership. These are supplementary modules to OM-Optimizer and make the system even more powerful, which will contribute to increasing revenues toward the end of the year. The agreement with Scanditronix-Wellhöfer for the quality assurance of IMRT will result in two new products in the market in 2007. These will be presented in the autumn at ASTRO in Philadelphia. We now cooperate with three commercial partners, a series of leading research institutions and have an attractive range of products. During the second quarter of 2006 RaySearch had four products on the market. As of the third quarter this year, we are selling six products and in 2007 we are planning to introduce another four products. Stockholm, August 29, 2006 RaySearch Laboratories AB Johan Löf, CEO For further information, contact: Johan Löf, CEO RaySearch Laboratories AB Telephone: +46 (0)8-545 061 30