Industry partners

The greatest innovations come from collaboration, when clinics, universities and industry share knowledge, inspire each other and form partnerships to find new possibilities. RaySearch is committed to collaboration and knowledge sharing. We make a firm commitment to our partners, which includes a promise to ensure ongoing compatibility, for example by supporting hardware developments and new features into the future.



Accuray and RaySearch have a long-term collaboration agreement to develop and market fully-integrated solutions combining RayStation® and RayCare® with the TomoTherapy®, CyberKnife®  treatment delivery systems. This enables greater flexibility for clinics with multiple treatment machines. Integration with RayCare brings the additional advantage of an independent oncology information system.


Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company
Varian and RaySearch have an interoperability agreement for Varian TrueBeam® 3.0 platforms (STX, VitalBeam®, Edge®) with kV imaging with RayCare® 5B, via the Varian Treatment Interface (VTI) 1.0. This provides more options for clinics and hospitals using TrueBeam® 3.0 systems and ensures that our mutual customers can enjoy a streamlined, efficient experience across platforms. 


Shinva Medical Instrument CO., LTD is one of the leading medical technology enterprises in China. It is the chairman unit of China Association for Medical Devices Industry and the first domestic medical technology enterprise that owns a state level enterprise technical center. Shinva has product lines within the areas of infection control, radiation and diagnosis equipment, operation room equipment, dental products, medical waste treatment and laboratory equipment. The company has been listed on the Shanghai stock exchange since 2002. RaySearch’s software solutions will be further integrated with the Shinva Linac, which BEBIG Medical is distributing globally







IBA (Belgium)
IBA, the global leader of proton therapy solutions entered into a long-term strategic alliance with RaySearch in 2016. Since then, we have customized RayStation and RayCare for IBA delivery solutions, and together we supply a complete solution for all software and hardware. Our aim is to deliver outstanding adaptive proton therapy treatment and enable clinics to use IBA treatment machines more effectively.


Mevion Medical Systems (USA)
Mevion is a leading manufacturer of compact proton therapy systems. As part of the ongoing collaboration, RayStation development incorporates support for the latest features of Mevion treatment systems, such as HYPERSCAN technology.




Neutron Therapeutics .png

Neutron Therapeutics (Finland and USA)
Neutron Therapeutics is a global company with locations in the USA and Finland. The company has developed a complete single-room solution for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), including an accelerator-based neutron source, treatment room equipment, and a dose engine interface to RayStation. The first installation of the system will be at Helsinki University Hospital.


Sumitomo (Japan)
Sumitomo developed the world’s first accelerator-based system for clinical BNCT — an advanced form of radiation therapy that targets cancer at the cellular level, destroying tumor cells with minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue. Users of BNCT will have access to the full range of advanced functionality in RayStation.


TAE Life sciences (USA)
TAE Life Sciences (TLS) is a privately held biotechnology company committed to developing new biologically targeted radiation therapy based on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). The company is focused on developing novel treatments to improve the lives of patients with invasive, recurrent, and difficult to treat cancers. RayStation development will incorporate support for TLS’s Alphabeam™ System.





BEBIG Medical (Germany)
BEBIG Medical is a global provider of high quality radiation therapy products for cancer treatment headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Preceded by the high dose brachytherapy business unit of Eckert & Ziegler AG, BEBIG Medical has a heritage of more than 40 years’ experience in brachytherapy field and continues to provide affordable healthcare with proven clinical outcomes via strong and viable technology. BEBIG Medical’s US subsidiary, Mick Radio-Nuclear Instruments, Inc., is also known internationally for its manufacturing expertise in the field of applicators and accessories to advance brachytherapy. With a team of professionals and offices in Europe, United States and Asia, the company is empowered to serve customers in more than 65 countries and regions together with a worldwide distribution network

RayStation 10B and higher versions are compatible to SagiNova 2.1.4 and higher. RayCare will also be integrated with the BEBIG Medical brachytherapy systems.



GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare and RaySearch aim to enable hospitals and cancer treatment centers to implement an interoperable and integrated workflow that will optimize their clinical planning and operational outcomes. As providers look to automate radiation oncology processes in the face of increasing numbers of patients, and advancements in radiation treatment delivery procedures, GE and RaySearch are collaborating to create complementary technologies and solutions to advance innovation and help the radiation oncology community.

The companies aim to combine RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning system RayStation®* with GE Healthcare’s leading multi-modality (CT/MR/molecular imaging) simulator systems to make cancer treatment faster and more precise.


Canon medical systems.png

Canon develops diagnostic imaging systems including CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray systems and clinical laboratory systems. Our collaboration will generate products to enable a more efficient workflow in the process of virtual simulation. These imaging and planning tools are expected to assist clinicians in determining the size and location of the tumor, planning beam directions and iso-center locations.






IBA Dosimetry
IBA Dosimetry is a leading supplier of advanced dosimetry and quality-assurance solutions for clinical and industrial applications of radiation physics. In 2006, RaySearch signed a long-term development and licensing agreement with IBA Dosimetry regarding a suite of products for quality assurance in IMRT and adaptive therapy. The agreement represented an important expansion of RaySearch business, and products from the partnership are marketed under the COMPASS®  brand.





Vision RT (UK)
Vision RT defines the standard of care in Surface Guided Radiation Therapy. RaySearch is working together with Vision RT to deliver both improved integration and entirely new capabilities to radiation oncology professionals; enhancing workflow and improve clinical decision-making. Vision RT is part of the William Demant Invest (WDI) family, a leading Danish Medtech investor with a long-term investment perspective.




LEO Cancer Care
 Together, the combination of RayCare, RayStation and Leo Cancer Care’s solutions will provide a safe, efficient, and fully integrated platform for upright radiation treatments. The technology seeks to improve patient and clinician experience, which will be further solidified by the addition of the well adopted treatment planning solution from RaySearch