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Industrial partners

Industrial partners (RayStation and RayCare)

Photon therapy


Accuray and RaySearch have a long-term collaboration agreement to develop and market fully-integrated solutions with RayStation, RayCare, the TomoTherapy® and CyberKnife® treatment systems. Using RayStation to plan for the Accuray treatment systems allows for more flexibility in a clinic with multiple treatment machines. The integration with RayCare brings the additional advantage of being independent of other OIS vendors.


United Imaging Healthcare (UIH)

United Imaging Healthcare (UIH), was founded 2011 in Shanghai. The clinic has developed the world’s first medical linear accelerator with fully-integrated diagnostic-quality CT imaging, designed from the ground-up to support adaptive radiation therapy planning.  As part of the collaboration, RaySearch will adapt RayStation and RayCare to UIH’s CT-linac, as well as UIHs standard linac. The UIH treatment machines will be the first conventional linacs to be integrated with RayCare.



Proton therapy



IBA, the global leader of proton therapy solutions, has an ongoing collaboration with RaySearch. RayStation and RayCare have been customized with IBA delivery solutions, and together we are able to provide a complete solution for software and hardware to deliver outstanding adaptive proton therapy treatment. This allows clinics throughout the world to make better use of the strength of IBA's treatment machines for a large amount of clinical indications.


ProNova Solutions LLC provides proton therapy solutions for cancer treatment worldwide. The company develops ProNova SC360, a proton therapy solution that uses superconducting magnet technology in the cyclotron and treatment gantry to reduce the size, weight and power required to deliver proton therapy treatment. Incorporated in 2011 and based in Knoxville, Tennessee, ProNova Solutions, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Provision Health Partners, Llc.


Mevion Medical Systems
Mevion Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of compact proton therapy systems and has an ongoing collaboration in which RaySearch develops support for the Mevion treatment systems. Support for the HYPERSCAN technology from Mevion Medical Systems was added in RayStation 7.



Advanced Oncotherapy plc (AVO) is a UK-based developer of next-generation proton therapy technology. The LIGHT system (Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology) is a modular proton therapy system based on innovative technology, developed in a collaboration between the TERA project and CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The entire system is designed for cost effectiveness and low maintenance and has several key features, such as multiple spot sizes and fast energy switching time. RayStation and RayCare will fully support the LIGHT system.





Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG

RaySearch and Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG, a leading European supplier of brachytherapy products, have entered a partnership where RayStation and RayCare will be integrated with the Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG brachytherapy systems. Brachytherapy is a radiation therapy technique in which a small radioactive implant is inserted into the patient’s tissue, directly into the tumor or close to it. Using implants makes it possible to deliver higher dose of radiation to a smaller area than may possible with other forms of radiation therapy, thus minimizing damage to surrounding tissue and organs. Brachytherapy is most commonly used in treating prostate cancer but can be applied to many other areas, including cancers of the brain, eye, lung and skin.






Canon Medical Systems Corporation develops and manufactures diagnostic imaging systems including CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray systems and clinical laboratory systems and provides them around 140 countries and regions around the world. The collaboration between RaySearch and Canon Medical Systems will generate products that are expected to enable a more efficient workflow in the process of virtual simulation. By using radiotherapy imaging and planning tools, clinicians will be assisted in deciding how and where patients should be treated, determining the size and location of the tumor, planning the direction of radiotherapy beams and calculation appropriate iso-center locations. These products will initially be launched in the U.S. market.






Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. is based in Tokyo, Japan. Sumitomo has developed the world first accelerator-based clinical boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) system. BNCT is a unique type of radiation therapy that targets cancer at the cellular level, the radiation therapy technique is based on a two-step process. First, the patient is injected with a tumor-localizing drug, containing the non-radioactive isotope boron-10. In the second step, the target area is exposed to a beam of low energy neutrons, many of which are absorbed by the boron-10. The absorption initiates a reaction in which short-rage, high energy charged particles are emitted. These particles systematically destroy the tumor cells, with minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue. Users of BNCT will have access to the full range of advanced functionality in RayStation.


Neutron Therapeutics

Neutron Therapeutics has developed a complete single-room solution for BNCT, including an accelerator-based neutron source, treatment room equipment, and a dose engine interface to RayStation. The first installation of the system will be at Helsinki University Hospital, and the facility is scheduled to open in 2019.



Quality assurance


IBA Dosimetry

IBA is a supplier of advanced dosimetry and quality-assurance solutions for clinical and industrial applications of radiation physics. In 2006, RaySearch signed a long-term development and licensing agreement with IBA's subsidiary IBA Dosimetry concerning a suite of products for IMRT quality assurance and adaptive therapy. The agreement represented an important expansion of RaySearch's business and the first products from the partnership, which are sold under the COMPASS® brand, were released in 2007.



ScandiDos, with its headquarters in Sweden, is the world leader in QA and dosimetry for modern radiation therapy. RaySearch and ScandiDos entered a new collaboration agreement regarding support personnel during 2018.