IMRT planning
to a new level


Create IMRT plans of high quality with a minimum of segments, speeding up both the planning and delivery process.

IMRT planning

State-of-the-art tools to design and optimize IMRT treatment plans.

Direct optimization of step-and-shoot segments enables high-quality IMRT plans with a minimum number of segments. This increases overall treatment quality by speeding up both the planning and delivery processes. Conversion for Sliding Window (dynamic MLC) IMRT is also supported.

As the computation time is measured in seconds rather than minutes, you can efficiently produce several competing treatment plans to assess different trade-off situations instead of opening a second case or going on a break during computations.

Rik Westendorp, MD, Radiotherapiegroep, Deventer, Holland

"The system is fast and easy to use and gives us the possibility to create high quality IMRT plans. Our drivers are to provide high quality robust treatment plans. This is dependent on an efficient workflow. To use time in a smart way we have to automate things that can be automated. By employing software to perform standard operations, our specialists can focus on more creative tasks."

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