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High Connectivity

Orchestrate everything with one treatment planning system

There’s a lot to orchestrate to ensure treatment quality and efficiency: multiple modalities, diverse treatment machines and numerous software systems. We strive for seamless connectivity with any type of oncology software and modalities involved in cancer treatment. Our aim is to support as many technologies as possible so you can perform all your treatment planning in RayStation.

High connectivity

RayStation is compatible with most commercially available linear accelerators, OIS and third-party QA. Its data model is fully compatible with the DICOM standard, making it easy to import or export any DICOM RT object. This includes multiple CT, MR and PET image series, 4D-CT structure sets, doses and RT Plan and RT Ion treatment plans.

In addition, RayStation communicates with other data sources, such as IHE RO, DICOM senders and receivers and DICOM archives, using either file transfer, DICOM storage service classes or DICOM query/retrieve.

RaySearch is involved in both the technical and planning committees of the IHE RO, and we consider it a very high priority to work with these organizations and other companies in radiation oncology to assure safe and seamless connectivity where possible.

Harmonize your treatment planning

RayStation has always led the way when it comes to technology integration and has been quick to adapt to new machine characteristics, as well as to take full advantage of their technical capabilities thanks to optimization expertise. Our focus on software and independence from machine vendors allow us to ensure RayStation always stays up-to-date with new treatment machines and can act as one control center for all your treatment planning needs – any equipment composition, any scale.

Hardware independence and flexible solutions

  • Flexible setup; centers can choose to purchase their own hardware
  • Floating licenses
  • Unlimited patient data storage, flexible configuration of multiple parallel databases and gradual archiving
  • Dose calculation based on GPU
  • Flexible deployment options that can include at-desk clients or shared-server solutions


A dedicated graphical user interface is available for photon, electron, proton and TomoTherapy modeling. This workspace allows for evaluation of models and treatment planning tools prior to commissioning a machine.

Quality assurance

The module for Quality Assurance preparation makes it straightforward to transfer the clinical plan to a phantom and recalculate dose, either beam by beam or for the entire plan. The output from the module is the dose distribution in DICOM format or a 2D dose plane, a QA report and, optionally, a new treatment plan with collapsed gantry angles.

Our commissioning results were within 2% at 2mm, well within the industry standard. When I work on beam commissioning in RayStation I remember why we bought it. The results are so beautiful, it makes me happy to be a physicist."

Patricia Sansourekidou

Medical Physicist, Health Quest Radiation Oncology

Portrait of Patricia Sansourekidou