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Future Features

Integrating all disciplines into one patient chart and one oncology workflow will provide consolidated information to the entire care team simultaneously, saving time and improving processes. A step ahead of existing systems, RayCare* will bring comprehensive cancer treatment within reach. 

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.


RayCare is designed to meet the complex logistical challenges of modern oncology, and form the backbone of a comprehensive oncology center. Clinics today often use multiple software systems, including systems for radiation oncology, medical oncology and surgical oncology – all to support the treatment of one cancer patient. RayCare will combine these into a single, patient-centric system designed to manage the patient’s entire oncology treatment – from scheduling through treatment delivery and follow-up.

Integrating all disciplines into one patient chart and one oncology workflow will provide consolidated information to the entire care team simultaneously, saving time and improving processes. A step ahead of existing systems, RayCare will bring comprehensive cancer treatment within reach.


RayCare is the first OIS built in the era of adaptive therapy, and is designed specifically to support adaptive workflow requirements. RayStation currently provides complete support for adaptive planning through advanced algorithms, dose tracking and adaptive replanning. RayCare utilizes those algorithms and enables automation and management of the complex flow of information in adaptive therapy.

RayCare will include advanced tools for both online and offline dose tracking and adaptive therapy. The system’s speed makes it the ideal platform for online dose tracking and adaptations where all calculations and decisions must occur during the treatment session rather than between sessions. The architecture and support for mobile platforms will ensure that necessary staff are notified regardless of their location. Reviews and approvals can be completed quickly and conveniently, without delaying the patient’s treatment.

Tumor board management

Tumor board meetings play a central role in comprehensive oncology by facilitating combined treatment strategies. RayCare will provide tools to support preparation of tumor board presentations, including data gathering, scheduling of participants, meeting time management and recording of treatment decisions.

RayCare will automatically document meeting attendance as well as decisions and notes associated with each patient. Necessary follow-up actions can be added directly within the system, and be instantly attributed to the patient. RayCare will save valuable tumor board meeting time and ensure that all information is readily accessible, reducing documentation time.

Learning system

RayCare is designed to become a learning system with the ultimate goal of providing decision support to the clinic. All clinical data is stored in a structured and accessible format compatible with data analysis and machine learning. Structured data can be used to improve workflow efficiency, manage resource allocation, and enhance quality assurance across different treatment modalities. Advanced automated follow‐up of treatment outcomes opens the door to further analysis and refinement of treatment processes.

Patient portal

RayCare will incorporate a patient portal application to support and simplify communication between clinicians and patients. The RayCare patient portal will allow patients to securely manage their appointments, review information about their medical record, and receive relevant notifications. The portal will provide tools for patients to communicate with their care team, ask questions, and add personal health data. The portal will save valuable clinic time by reducing in-office visits and phone calls. It will also facilitate patient engagement in their own care, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes.

Resource optimization

RayCare is designed to support clinics in more efficient utilization of resources. RayCare resource optimization will support optimized allocation of treatment machines and clinical personnel, accounting for treatment needs, clinical staff schedules and other key parameters. Knowing which resources are required to support the full patient journey, and in combination with RayStation, RayCare will propose scheduling of all key events in the care trajectory.