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Seamless integration with RayStation brings a new frontier of efficiency, but that’s just the beginning. RayCare* is designed to connect to all the machines and resources within the oncology center and it also interfaces to systems outside the oncology department. 

Seamless integration with RayStation

RayCare and RayStation are designed to work seamlessly together, supporting a smooth and cohesive planning, treatment and ongoing care experience.

Better together

  • Planning tasks open RayStation services in the right workspace with the right patient and image already selected
  • Triggers in RayStation will indicate completion of key tasks – status of contouring, dose optimization and other planning steps 
  • Task and data completion drives the workflow in RayCare and alerts users to tasks that are ready to start 
  • Task automation reduces the number of manual steps 
  • Users can communicate through RayCare and auto-document everything related to the planning activities
  • Unified data access – all relevant data is directly available from within both RayCare and RayStation
  • The planning dashboard whiteboard  view provides a clear overview of all planning tasks

Enterprise-wide integration

RayCare* is designed to connect to all the machines and resources in a cancer center. It also interfaces to systems outside the oncology department, including the hospital information system (HIS), electronic medical records (EMR), the hospital PACS and RIS, patient portals, pharmacy systems, lab systems and billing systems.

The system uses common standards, such as HL7, FHIR and DICOM, to ensure a robust and reliable transfer of information. RayCare integrates seamlessly into the healthcare enterprise and can consolidate patient information into a single‐source medical record.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.