Digital workflows

RayCare* workflows are highly configurable combinations of tasks and activities associated with different treatment strategies and administrative needs. These workflows can be built around particular diagnoses, guidelines, or clinical trials, and can be customized to individual centers’ or physicians’ needs.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

Digital workflow and task management

All tasks for a user or a team can be found on the designated Home workspaces. Tasks automatically open the appropriate RayCare and RayStation workspaces prompting the user to perform the related action. The system continually monitors the workflow status, completes tasks based on availability of data, and can actively select the next step in the process without further user interaction.

RayCare assigns tasks to the patient’s care team and manages follow-up actions. This capability ensures that actions are taken in the correct order, according to protocols. The RayCare whiteboards together with the Home and Team Home provide an interactive real-time overview of all the ongoing activities within the system.


  • Highly customizable workflows
  • User Home and Team Home
  • Automated handover of tasks
  • Data-driven tasks completed by actions in the system
  • Task-based whiteboards