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RayCare* will respond to the demand from clinics for a more user-friendly and workflow-oriented information system that can support the future of cancer care. 

Digital oncology workflows

RayCare enables automated workflows across the oncology disciplines. The workflows are designed to be highly configurable, and tasks for specific staff members can be created automatically, triggered by defined events.

The system continually monitors the status of the workflow. The moment a task is completed, RayCare can actively select the next step in the process without further user interaction. For example, an action such as uploading an image can be set to automatically create a task for a doctor to review the image. This capability ensures that actions are always taken in the correct order, in line with protocols.

Patients can be assigned one or multiple workflows, and these can be combined in different ways. RayCare assigns tasks to the patient’s care team, creates notifications and manages follow-up actions.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.