Carbon Ion Therapy*

RayStation supports carbon ion therapy, including handling of RBE-weighted dose. RaySearch is the market leader for heavy ions with the following customers: MedAustron (Austria), CNAO (Italy), HIT (Germany), Yamagata (Japan), SPHIC (China), Lanzhou (China) and Yonsei (Korea).

Carbon Pencil Beam Scanning planning*

RayStation provides the tools for designing and optimizing actively scanned pencil beam carbon ion treatment plans.

It includes a pencil beam dose engine to compute physical and RBE weighted dose according to the Local Effect Model and the Mikrodosimetric Kinetic Model. In the dedicated radiobiology application (RayBiology), you can define radiobiological parameters for the cell types to be used for planning. All plans are directly deliverable on synchrotrons after optimization, since the minimum spot weight is taken into account in the optimization, as well as other synchrotron specific machine constraints.


  • Already selected by seven cancer centers
  • Fast GPU-based dose computation
  • Robust optimization including setup and range uncertainties and organ motion
  • Evaluation of dose-averaged LET
  • Multi-field and single-field optimization
  • Plan directly deliverable on synchrotrons
  • Combination planning with other modalities
* Regulatory clearance is needed in some markets.

Leading expertise in particle therapy

The precision of proton therapy makes it a unique treatment method. A basic fact of proton therapy is that high precision also means sensitivity to change. RaySearch understands this, and we’ve designed the RayStation treatment planning system to account for every eventuality.

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“We are extremely impressed by the flexibility and the dedication RaySearch has shown to implement our requirements in RayStation in such a short time. A great advantage when working with RaySearch has been their collaborative spirit and willingness to let us test, review and evaluate the system continuously. This has helped us define our priorities and contributed to a good learning process that ultimately led into a tailor-made proton and carbon ion treatment planning system.”

Gabriele Kragl

Medical Physicist, Medaustron, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Portrait of Gabriele Kragl

“The MedAustron Ion Therapy Centre is Austrians first and only particle therapy centre providing protons and carbon ions to their patients. Since 2016 we are in clinical operation with protons and added carbon ions as additional treatment option since 2019.

MedAustron is providing high quality of care with a cutting edge technology developed for and with our team with respect to robotic patient alignment system and in-room position verification, precise active scanned beam delivery and finally also high end software solutions. The powerful features of RayStation and its ability to plan carbon ion treatments was a must have for our clinical environment. Additionally highly innovative products like RayCare and RayCommand will soon also get implemented at MedAustron which we are very much looking forward too.

We have a very long and friendly partnership with RaySearch since the beginning and are thankful for a close collaboration also with the highly motivated development team.”

Markus Stock

Priv. Doz. DI Markus Stock, PhD Head of Medical Physics, MedAustron Ion Therapy Centre