The development of linear accelerators has historically led to significant improvements in radiation therapy but they are now becoming a commodity. There are many reasons to believe that a stronger focus on software will help clinics achieve greater efficiency and improved patient care. Did you for example know that by using more intelligent software optimization, you can decrease delivery time with no sacrifice in treatment plan quality without upgrading or replacing your current linacs? That calculation speed is key to the quality of your plans? And that you can, already today, implement adaptive therapy for your patients?

The effect of planning speed on VMAT plan quality

Decreasing calculation times for VMAT planning from around 10-17 min for optimization and final dose calculation to around 2 – 4 minutes significantly increased the fulfillment of clinical goals.This shows the relevance of computation speed in planning complex cases and reinforces the importance that should be given to this. 


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Boost your linac with smart optimization

With RayStation, you can take constant dose rate VMAT to the next level thanks to smart optimization. You can reach plan quality equivalent to variable dose rate VMAT without an expensive hardware upgrade.

Using modern and innovative treatment planning tools, it is possible to create deliverable SCDR plans with comparable plan quality as corresponding VDR plans, without upgrading the linac to VDR. The delivery times of both the VDR and the SCDR plans are significantly shorter than what is reported for IMRT plans. The mean delivery times of the tested prostate plans are between 1 and 2 minutes for both techniques, and between 2 and 4 minutes for the tested head and neck plans.


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Adaptive therapy with RayStation

RayStation was designed from the very beginning with a strong focus on handling the dynamic aspects of radiation therapy. By explicitly representing the time dimension throughout the domain model, RayStation provides the ultimate framework for planning and managing adaptive radiation therapy.