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RaySearch at ASTRO 2022

October 23–25, booth 3785

The theme of ASTRO this year is AI and EI: "Caring for the Patient in a Wireless World." At RaySearch, we are dedicated to our mission of “Advancing cancer treatment”.


RayStation®* is the next generation of treatment planning systems. The latest updates to RayStation include LET for proton and other light ion plans, machine learning improvements, synthetic CTs (CBCTs), ultrafast proton PBS Monte Carlo dose calculation on GPU, machine learning for photons and robust proton planning, as well as deep-learning organ segmentation and support for brachytherapy planning.

RayCare®* is an innovative oncology information system designed to support comprehensive cancer care. RayCare connects all oncology disciplines, enabling you to fluidly coordinate tasks to ensure optimal use of resources. RayCare® 6A* improves upon configurability of workflows, enabling the creation of clinical notes, documents and forms which are integrated directly into the patient chart. Patient chart improvements, extension of summary workspace, and increased support for radiotherapy processes are all included in the latest version of RayCare.

RayIntelligence® is our latest news. It is a cloud-based oncology analytics system that will simplify integrations and turn your data into insights. It can be used in all areas of cancer care including radiation therapy, medical oncology, and surgical oncology.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets


  • Brachytherapy planning
  • Cyberknife planning
  • Synthetic CT generation
  • Deep learning segmentation
  • Deep learning planning
  • FLASH planning
  • LET evaluation
  • Cloud based data analytics
  • Customizable oncology workflows
  • Machine learning plan generation
  • Occular planning
  • And more!


Accuray and RaySearch will provide a joint preview of a smooth and efficient workflow for online adaptive for delivery on the Radixact System. By taking the patient’s current situation into account, utilizing high quality ClearRT™ images, real-time target tracking, and the efficient and smooth adaptive replanning framework of RayStation and RayCare; daily delivery of the optimal treatment for each specific patient is enabled. In the fully automized adaptive workflow, a plan is optimized based on the daily image and by utilizing our advanced features such as deep learning segmentation and GPU-based dose computation.

Additionally, we are also offering demos of RayStation 12A which supports planning for Accuray CyberKnife® system for radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). It supports for optimization with the three different types of collimations – fixed cones, Iris™ Variable Aperture and Incise™ Multi-leaf Collimator – as well as all CyberKnife techniques for Synchrony® real-time target tracking with dynamic delivery. Furthermore, it includes innovations in organ segmentation using deep learning with model support for organs in the head and neck, thorax, and pelvic regions.

AI: Adapt Intelligently

Sunday, October 23RD • 11 am-12 pm • Theater 1 in the Exhibit Hall


The companies aim to combine RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning system RayStation®* with GE Healthcare’s leading multi-modality (CT/MR/molecular imaging) simulator systems to make cancer treatment faster and more precise.

GE Healthcare and RaySearch aim to enable hospitals and cancer treatment centers to implement an interoperable and integrated workflow that will optimize their clinical planning and operational outcomes. As providers look to automate radiation oncology processes in the face of increasing numbers of patients, and advancements in radiation treatment delivery procedures, GE and RaySearch are collaborating to create complementary technologies and solutions to advance innovation and help the radiation oncology community.

Jan Makela, President & CEO, Imaging, GE Healthcare, says: “GE Healthcare is delighted to be partnering with RaySearch, as we seek to improve precision guidance during radiation therapy planning and treatment. Cancer care can only be improved if those involved work together. This is one of several partnerships that we are pursuing for the benefit of caregivers and patients. Clinicians tell us that navigating through multiple systems to get a clear picture of where cancer cells are is one of their biggest pain points. We are working to bring together complementary solutions and technologies along the radiation therapy treatment pathway to help with this.”


Upright radiotherapy treatment

Together, the combination of RayCare, RayStation and Leo Cancer Care’s solutions will provide a safe, efficient, and fully integrated platform for upright radiation treatments. The technology seeks to improve patient and clinician experience, which will be further solidified by the addition of the well adopted treatment planning solution from RaySearch.

If you are attending ASTRO 2022, visit the RaySearch (3785) and Leo Cancer Care (4570) booths to find out more about this exciting collaboration.



Title: Implications of Including Tumor Presence Probabilities as Weights in Radiotherapy Optimization

Presentation: ePoster

Presenter: Ivar Bengtsson

Collaboration: Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

RaySearch co-authors: Albin Fredriksson

Session: Poster Q&A 10 - Physics

Poster number: 3294

Contact: Ivar Bengtsson