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RaySearch at ASTRO 2021

October 24–27, booth 1323


The theme of ASTRO this year “Embracing change – Advancing person-centered care” is something we are comitted to. At RaySearch, we are also dedicated to our mission of “Advancing cancer treatment”. Personalize your treatment plans, and increase clinical precision and efficiency with the help of our machine learning capabilities.

Visit our booth to chat with our team, book a personal demo, or connect directly with a local sales representative.


Software is a driving force for innovation in oncology. RaySearch works in close cooperation with leading cancer clinics and equipment manufacturers around the world to advance cancer treatment. Today, our software supports thousands of clinics worldwide in the fight against cancer.

For ASTRO 2021 we are proud to show the latest releases of treatment planning system RayStation®*, oncology information system RayCare®* and oncology analytics system RayIntelligence®. Book your own personal demo, and we will contact you at your convenience.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets



At ASTRO Accuray and RaySearch will show a joint preview of a smooth and efficient workflow for online adaptive for delivery on Radixact. By taking the patient’s current situation into account, utilizing high quality ClearRT images, real-time target tracking and the efficient and smooth adaptive replanning framework of RayStation and RayCare, the delivery of the optimal treatment of each specific patient every day is enabled. In the fully automized adaptive workflow a plan is optimized based on the daily image and by utilizing our advanced features such as deep learning segmentation and GPU-based dose computation.

Additionally, we are also offering demos of RayStation 11A which supports planning for Accuray’s CyberKnife® system for radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). It supports for optimization with the three different types of collimations – fixed cones, Iris™ Variable Aperture and Incise™ Multileaf Collimator – as well as all CyberKnife techniques for Synchrony® real-time motion synchronization. Furthermore, it includes innovations in organ segmentation using deep learning with model support for organs in the head and neck, thorax, and pelvis regions.


Mevion and RaySearch have collaborated since 2014 to provide advanced treatment planning capabilities for Mevion’s HYPERSCAN pencil-beam scanning and Adaptive Aperture pMLC. For ASTRO 2021 we announce a collaboration that will explore FLASH IMPT delivery using a technique that supports the delivery of large-volume clinical FLASH fields through the combination of smaller fields, each delivered at FLASH dose rates which complements Mevion’s HYPERSCAN. Welcome to our respective booths at ASTRO to learn more.


RaySearch and IBA have announced that we will expand our partnership in proton therapy within the areas of FLASH radiotherapy, proton ARC therapy and treatment of moving tumors.

As part of the collaboration, the RayCare oncology information system from RaySearch, will also be customized for optimal use together with the IBA delivery solutions. Read more here


Title: Improving GI toxicity models through deep-learning segmentation and biomechanical model-based dose accumulation

Presentation: Poster

Presenter: Guillaume Cazoulat, USA

Collaboration: MD Anderson CC, USA

RaySearch co-authors: Stina Svensson

Session: SS 13 - DHI 3 – The U-Net & You: Is Segmentation a Solved Problem?

Poster number: 86

Contact: Stina Svensson


Title: Cone Beam CT-based Online Evaluation in Two Minutes Using A Commercial Treatment Planning Software for Proton Therapy

Presentation: Poster

Presenter: Jun Zhou, USA

Collaboration: Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, USA

RaySearch co-authors: Sebastian Andersson, Rasmus Nilsson

Session: Radiation and Cancer Physics

Poster number: 2280

Contact: Sebastian Andersson


Title: Using CBT to monitor treatment dose delivery accuracy in head and neck proton radiotherapy

Presentation: Poster Q&A

Collaboration: Department of Radiation Oncology, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL, USA and Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA

Session: Session 02 - Radiation and Cancer Physics - Plan Optimization and Digital Health Innovation

Presentation number: 2274

Contact: Sebastian Andersson


Title: Integrated CyberKnife treatment planning with RayStation

Presentation: Live talk at the Accuray booth

Presenters: Dayna Bodensteiner and Muqeem Qayyum, RaySearch Laboratories, USA

Date: Monday, October 25

Time: 12:30 – 1:00 pm

Contact: Dayna Bodensteiner