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Adaptive therapy

The clinical adoption of adaptive therapy has been hindered by a lack of support in existing OIS platforms. RayCare* will solve this problem. The first OIS built in the era of adaptive therapy, it is designed specifically to support the requirements of adaptive workflows.

Designed for adaptive therapy

To fully implement adaptive radiation therapy, clinics need an easy way to manage the image data flow and keep track of changes in the plan. Today, RayStation provides complete support for adaptive planning through advanced algorithms, dose tracking and adaptive replanning. RayCare will use those algorithms and also enable automation and management of the complex flow of information in adaptive therapy.

Onboard PACS

Featuring an integrated RT PACS system, RayCare is designed to manage, organize and display the huge amounts of patient data created by the adaptive therapy process, and it can trigger adaptive workflows based on the availability of imaging data.

Decision support

RayCare will also include advanced decision support tools for both offline and online dose tracking and adaptive therapy. 

Online adaptive therapy requires near real‐time calculations and dedicated interfaces for review and approval. The system’s speed and integration make it the ideal platform for online dose tracking and adaptations where all calculations and decisions need to occur during the treatment session rather than between sessions. Its architecture and support for mobile device access ensures that the necessary staff are notified regardless of their location. 

Reviews and approvals can be completed quickly and conveniently, without delaying the patient’s treatment.

Online adaptive replanning 

Optional tools will be available for online adaptive replanning at the treatment delivery machine, using the image of the day. They include an online adaptive planning workspace, contour propagation tools, a streamlined online tool set and optimization and calculation services at the treatment console.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.