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2020 Joint AAPM | COMP Virtual Meeting

Meet RaySearch at

AAPM’s virtual meeting

JULY 12–16, 2020


This will be the first ever all-virtual annual meeting of AAPM. The year has turned out a little differently than expected, so we cannot meet up in person as we usually do. But we are excited to try new ways and look forward to advancing virtual meetings as well as cancer care. You will find RaySearch in our virtual exhibit space.

News on display

RaySearch is putting a strong focus on machine learning and automation in radiation oncology. Some exciting news in these areas will be on display including deep-learning segmentation* and machine learning based automated planning*. We will also present the latest news in our advanced treatment planning system RayStation®* and the next-generation OIS RayCare®*.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets

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Tuesday, 14 July | 11:30 AM–12:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

RayCare, One Oncology Workflow
Eeva-Liisa Karjalainen, Ph.D.,
chief functionality owner RayCare, RaySearch

Integrating Provision Proton Therapy Centers using the RayCare Platform
Marc D. Blakey, MS, DABR, director of medical physics, Provision CARES Proton Therapy, Nashville, USA

Moderator: Marc Mlyn, President and CEO, RaySearch Americas
Wednesday, 15 July | 11:30 AM–12:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Data-driven oncology
Fredrik Löfman, PhD, 
head of machine learning at RaySearch

Automatic treatment planning and machine learning from a clinical perspective
Tom Purdie, PhD, MCCPM, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Moderator: Dayna Bodensteiner, Director of Product Management, RaySearch Americas

Poster presentations


Tuesday, 14 July | 3:40 PM | 10 minutes
Session name:

Mechanisms and Clinical Significance of Particle RBE


» Track-End Objectives in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy to Reduce Linear Energy Transfer
by Jakob Ödén


Wednesday, 15 July | 11:46 AM | 8 minutes
Session name:

Radiobiology of Ion Therapy


» INSPIRE: A Multi-Centric Study to Harmonize Linear Energy Transfer (LET) Calculations for Biological Assessments of Proton Therapy Plans
by Jakob Ödén


ePoster with ID: #PO-GeP-T-712 
Session name:



» Robust Proton Plan Optimization Considering Geometrical and Biological Uncertainties
by Jakob Ödén & Erik Traneus