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RaySearch is advancing cancer treatment through pioneering software. We believe software has unlimited potential, and that it is now the driving force for innovation in oncology. RaySearch works in close cooperation with leading cancer centers to bring scientific advancements faster to the clinical world. Today, our solutions support thousands of clinics worldwide in the fight against cancer. By making oncology software faster, easier and more flexible, we enable better care for cancer patients worldwide.

 And this is just the beginning.


RaySearch works to improve chances of survival and quality of life for cancer patients through innovative software. The company was founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and is now a world-leader in oncology software.

Today, the RayStation® treatment planning system is in use in more than 415 cancer centers worldwide. RaySearch products are also distributed through licensing agreements with leading medical technology companies. Hundreds of thousands of cancer treatments are delivered each year utilizing RaySearch’s algorithms and software products.



At RaySearch, we take on the hardest innovation challenges to help our customers improve patient outcome. For example we were first to take on research in the area of ion beam therapy planning.


We only recruit the most competent people and for us there is nothing worse than not delivering on a promise. You can rest assure we strive to make you confident that you got the best possible treatment plan for your patients.

High Quality

Delivering quality is a must in everything we do. This reflects in every details of our products like in the user-friendly design of RayStation or in its unrivalled calculation and optimization speed.


18 years of advancing cancer treatment

See how RaySearch has become a world leader in the field of advanced software for radiation therapy in this 15 year story.


The year begins in a prestigious way, when CEO Johan Löf wins EY Entrepreneur of the year. RaySearch establishes a machine learning department, to continue the work of improving future cancer treatments. The interest from Japan keeps growing, and we open a wholly owned subsidiary in Tokyo We release RayStation 7*, and finally get to release RayCare 1*. RayCare will evolve into an OIS designed to connect all the oncology disciplines with unique capabilities over subsequent releases, with the words from founder and CEO Johan Löf: “This will be a game changer”.

We also added more than 90 key employees to support the expansion.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.


RayStation continues to settle many big orders, and RayStation 6* is released. This version adds significant new functionality and a wide range of general improvements. Major additions include forthcoming support for Accuray TomoTherapy™ systems. 

We also had an impressing rise in net sale, which went up 34 percent. 

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.



The RaySearch headquarters move to brand new, custom-designed, offices and a wide recruitment campaign marks a new phase and an accelerating global expansion. By October 2015, 240 cancer centers worldwide, eager to stay at the forefront of radiation therapy of cancer, have chosen RayStation as their treatment planning system.


In 2014, RayStation sales really take off, the fourth European subsidiary is established in Germany and RayStation 4.5, featuring ultrafast robust optimization, is FDA cleared.


In early 2012, the first complete version of RayStation is released. The following year, RaySearch takes another important step when RayStation is approved for sale in one of the largest radiation therapy markets globally - China.


By October 2010, 510(k) clearance is obtained and the first order for RayStation in the United States comes from Massachusetts General Hospital. The successful development of RaySearch’s advanced, modern, treatment planning system RayStation provides the groundwork for the sales success to come. The initial US sales and service organization is in place and the first European sales representative is recruited. The first patient treatment using RayStation is performed at Massachusetts General Hospital.


In 2009, RaySearch is ready to launch RayStation; the innovative and user-friendly treatment planning system that the market needs. The German clinic WPE places the first order, and it is for proton therapy!


RaySearch decides in 2008 to develop a complete treatment planning system and sell it directly to clinics, in order to make RaySearch’s innovative new functionality available to the customers. The company enters into a research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital and the development of the Multi-criteria optimization tool starts. Today this is one of the key features in RayStation.


Over the following years, RaySearch expands the business, partnering with Nucletron, IBA Dosimetry, TomoTherapy and Varian, and seeks closer collaboration with the clinical world too. Together with Princess Margaret Hospital in Canada, RaySearch pioneers the field of adaptive radiation therapy.


In June 2002, RaySearch relocates to larger offices, recruits more developers and other employees. In 2003 RaySearch is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


The following year, RaySearch sets up a corporate infrastructure by hiring additional developers and other staff, and in June delivers its first 131 software modules to hospitals via Philips.


The RaySearch story begins in 2000 when founder and CEO, Johan Löf, decides to start the company based on the scientific knowledge acquired during his PhD on radiation treatment of moving tumors at the Karolinska Institute. A few months later, RaySearch concludes its first partner agreement with Philips, the leading treatment planning system vendor at the time.