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RayStation has always led the way when it comes to technology integration, and now we’re proud to announce support for TomoTherapy systems*.

* Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

TomoTherapy Planning

RayStation supports planning of TomoTherapy helical treatments. With access to all RayStation’s advanced functionality, including multi-criteria optimization and adaptive planning, the user can efficiently design the optimal treatment plan.

Optimization capabilities for the TomoTherapy machine include dynamic jaw support, delivery time constraints and the possibility to specify “protect” regions where irradiation is avoided. TomoTherapy planning can be smoothly integrated into the clinical workflow and treatment plans are sent to Accuray’s integrated data management system for delivery.

MCO navigation for helical TomoTherapy

The inclusion of support for helical TomoTherapy in RayStation permits users of tomotherapy to benefit from MCO, which allows continuous and immediate exploration of tradeoffs between planning objectives. The fact that navigated doses can be reconstructed by a deliverable plan to sub-percent accuracy makes helical tomotherapy an ideal treatment technique for MCO. An appropriate bound on the treatment delivery time can be identified through investigation of the tradeoff between delivery efficiency and plan quality during the creation of a deliverable plan.

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