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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us at RaySearch and we want our users to get the most out of RayStation’s unique functionality. Read and hear below how our RayStation customers, from all over the world, experience working with our innovative treatment planning system.

RaySearch licenses UHN automation technologies

University Health Network (UHN) in Canada exclusively licensed its advanced technology to RaySearch for incorporation into RayStation. The technology was developed by the Techna Institute, which is a collaboration between UHN and the University of Toronto. Watch this video to get insights into licensed techniques that have led to machine learning algorithms from Princess Margaret Cancer Center being integrated into RayStation.

“I received my treatment at my place of work, completed by my colleagues, who used RayStation. RayStation provides good tools to make great plans, and I would recommend it to anyone who asks. I trusted my colleagues completely with my treatment, a trust that comes from seeing the treatment plans they do daily, knowing the great quality in them. For that I’m grateful, and today I’m fully recovered.”

Charles Bloch
PH.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center,
Seattle, Washington, US

Charles Bloch was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer and chose to be treated at his own department, which uses RayStation treatment planning system.

“As early adopters of RayStation in 2012, we now have tremendous experience and we value its many advanced features. Our radiation oncology team finds the sophisticated tools in RayStation to be user-friendly and well-integrated with our clinical workflow. This was critical due to our busy daily clinical workloads. Over the years, the RaySearch team has been a true partner and listened to our feedback to add new features to serve our patients even better within the boundaries of a community cancer center. We look forward to the next level of efficiency and quality using machine learning.”

Firas Mourtada
Chief of Clinical Physics,
Christiana Care Health System,
Wilmington, Delaware, US

“RaySearch is an innovation partner that helps us achieve our clinical goals and develop new approaches for the future. We are very excited about our recent roll-out of the RayStation treatment planning system. The underlying architecture and performance are major advantages as we develop adaptive radiotherapy approaches to personalize cancer treatment."

David Jaffray

Chief Technology And Digital Officer,
University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center,
Houston, Texas, USA

High efficiency at Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers

Ironwood Cancer and Research Centers use RayStation as their main treatment planning system and have achieve great efficiency with a smooth workflow between the different sites. Watch how RayStation made a difference for them!


“At MCI, we are uniquely positioned to offer the best possible treatment to our patients by making use of all the latest techniques and technology under one roof. RayStation enables us to support all of our treatment machines and approaches in a single platform, which is a great help in streamlining the planning and review process. Thanks to the flexibility of RayStation and RaySearch’s proactivity as a partner, we can achieve our goal of treating more patients without compromising on quality.” 

Alonso N. Gutiérrez
Chief Physicist, Miami Cancer Institute

Advanced proton treatment at Provision

Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee, was the first proton center to use RayStation for their proton treatments. They are treating with the most advanced form, Pencil Beam Scanning.

See the great results they achieve with RayStation!


Texas center for Proton Therapy: A comprehensive approach to lung treatment 

The Texas Center for Proton Therapy is a cutting-edge facility that brings the benefits of this highly precise technique to patients throughout the state of Texas. The center has the capacity to treat more than 100 patients per day, using a three-room IBA Proteus®PLUS system consisting of one fixed beam treatment room and two 360° isocentric gantry treatment rooms. Advanced treatment planning capabilities are provided by RayStation® from RaySearch.

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“The university is constantly developing and extending its capabilities in the realm of radiation therapy treatment planning. Our intention is to explore plans that leverage the diversity of treatment delivery technologies in our system and determine the optimal approach for each patient.”

John Bayouth 
Chief Of Radiation Oncology Physics, University Of Wisconsin, Madison, US

“UW Medicine physicians and SCCA Proton Therapy physicists are working together to upgrade the process for developing PBS patient treatment plans with, RaySearch Laboratories’ advanced treatment-planning and dose-tracking software platform, RayStation. 

Providing patients with the best treatment possible is our number one priority and we believe investing in these advancements allows us to provide them with the highest levels of care. These innovative technologies will make treatments more effective for patients, while shortening the overall treatment course for select cancers.”

Ramesh Rengan

MD, Medical Director at SCCA Proton Therapy, Seattle, US

Scripting to improve planning consistency, efficiency and to streamline the recommissioning process

Akron General Health System, found within the heart of Ohio, has implemented RayStation treatment planning system. They are using Python Scripting to streamline their workflow while providing continuity during the planning process. 

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"Since purchasing this system and implementing it as our primary treatment planning system, I have continued to be impressed by the product and the support we have received.  As a small facility, time is of the essence in implementing any new system and I was pleased with the extensive hands on service that was provided during commissioning of this system. I am also impressed by RaySearch continued customer service and response to our input for product improvement."

Stephen Rose

Chief Physicist, James E. Cary Cancer Center, USA.

“RayStation has provided us with great efficiency improvements. It is easy and intuitive to use, with a homogenous workflow, which has made the adoption very smooth. Thanks to its speed, making new and adaptive plans and improving the plan quality can easily be done in daily practice, without negatively impacting the clinical operation. We also have better plan consistency since the system brings a lot of automation. RayStation helped us to more efficiently handle patients who need re-irradiation, thanks to the deformable registration and dose tracking tools. Overall, we are very happy to have chosen RayStation, and we are not looking back.”

Prof. Dr. Yolande Lievens
Chair of Radiation Oncology Department,
Ghent University Hospital

“Planning is one of the most important things in radiation oncology, because you want to treat the tumor right, and you don’t want to give a high dose to the normal tissue. Multi-Criteria Optimization in RayStation allows us to balance the clinical trade-offs in real time to reach a more personalized treatment plan for the patient.”

Sandrine van de Pol

Radiation oncologist, Radiotherapiegroep, Deventer, Netherlands

Watch how RISO experiences working with multi-criteria optimization

RISO Radiotherapeutic Institute in the Netherlands is one of the first RayStation users. In this video, they describe their partnership with RaySearch and how multi-criteria optimization in RayStation has helped them improve the workflow and personalize care for patients.

“The MedAustron Ion Therapy Centre is Austrians first and only particle therapy centre providing protons and carbon ions to their patients. Since 2016 we are in clinical operation with protons and added carbon ions as additional treatment option since 2019.

MedAustron is providing high quality of care with a cutting edge technology developed for and with our team with respect to robotic patient alignment system and in-room position verification, precise active scanned beam delivery and finally also high end software solutions. The powerful features of RayStation and its ability to plan carbon ion treatments was a must have for our clinical environment. Additionally highly innovative products like RayCare and RayCommand will soon also get implemented at MedAustron which we are very much looking forward too.

We have a very long and friendly partnership with RaySearch since the beginning and are thankful for a close collaboration also with the highly motivated development team.”

Markus Stock

Priv. Doz. DI Markus Stock, PhD Head of Medical Physics, MedAustron Ion Therapy Centre

Streamlined treatment planning at NCCC

The Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC), located at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, is a large facility that serves a population of 2 million people in northeast England. When the center needed to increase operational efficiency to meet the combined challenges of increasing patient numbers and nationwide skills shortages, RayStation® became a central part of the solution. RayStation has enabled the center to do more with existing resources and is now central to the workflow.

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"We have achieved outstanding efficiency gains with RayStation at the same time as improving the quality of our treatment plans. By optimizing our workflow and automating parts of the process, we have saved significant time and increased capacity, enabling us to plan for and treat more patients each day. Being able to do more with the same resources means we can put additional focus into more complex cases and activities such as training.”

Chris Walkers
Head Of Radiotherapy Physics, Northern Centre For Cancer Care, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk.

An overnight shift to speed and flexibility

Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven is a leading clinical teaching hospital in the Netherlands that is renowned for cancer treatment. The oncology department needed to update its radiation therapy treatment planning system. The department carried out an extensive assessment of possible systems before selecting RayStation, and key requirements included fast calculation speed, support for multi-modality imaging and adaptive planning capabilities. 

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“RayStation is a system for the future. Innovations such as multi-criteria optimization and automated planning enable us to explore more treatment options and save significant time. And with each release, we gain many new tools and features that make treatment easier and smoother. We want to achieve the best possible dosimetry for each individual patient, and RayStation helps us to achieve this goal.” 

Daniel Nguyen
Medical Physicist, Centre d'Oncologie-Radiothérapie Mâcon, France

Robust treatment planning at Europe’s first ProteusOne center

The proton therapy center at Centre Antoine-Lacassagne (CAL) in Nice, France is one of only two proton therapy centers in France, and the first in Europe with the ProteusOne, IBA’s compact pencil beam scanning proton therapy system. CAL has chosen the RayStation treatment planning system to secure the robustness of its proton treatment planning.

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Implementing and planning with RayStation at Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital

Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital implemented RayStation in 2021. Some of their reasons for choosing RayStaion was its adaptive and fallback planning features. See what they had to say just a few months after implementing.


“Our resolute commitment is to make cancer conquerable. Apollo has a twenty-five year legacy in cancer management and innovative technologies have been a hallmark of our cancer care modalities for our patients. At Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, our association with RayStation reaffirms our continued investments in the best available care for our patients.”

Dr Prathap C Reddy
Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, India

Efficient integrated planning at Nagoya City University Hospital

In this video, the team at Nagoya City University Hospital tells how RayStation has made a difference in integrating their treatment planning process.


An efficient approach to large-scale adaptive therapy

The Radiation Oncology Department at Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand, has made great strides in boosting efficiency over the last few years, while taking quality of treatment to new levels. It’s a shift in which technology has played a significant role. Today, the department is a pioneer of adaptive therapy. It also boasts one of largest VMAT programs in Australasia and operates a completely paperless workflow.

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“Investing in RayStation has given us a far superior planning infrastructure,” Sasso says. “Adaptive therapy demands a high-speed planning system, combined with high-quality imaging. It’s only feasible with a system such as RayStation, which is extremely fast and has excellent tools for the clinician.”

Giuseppe Sasso

M.D, Clinical Director, Radiation Oncology Department, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

“Our decision to purchase RayStation was based on thorough investigation, comparison and follow-up over a five-year period. I feel confident that we made the right decision and we strongly believe that RayStation will become one of the leading global treatment planning systems. RayStation fully meets 

our needs and will contribute to the future development of our oncology department and our research.”

Dr Bai

Director Of Medical Physics, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China

High-speed planning at Eastern China's Largest Cancer Hospital

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China has managed to increase efficiency and quality of treatment planning at their radiation therapy department.

See how RayStation treatment planning system has helped them achieve these great results!


“We are excited to be introducing the Raystation planning system at ROI as we take the next step to providing advanced radiation oncology solutions. Raystation will form the basis for our adaptive treatment program.

Images from Linac CBCT and Tomotherapy MVCT will be used by Raystation’s advanced dose tracking software to gauge the effect of anatomical changes and where advantageous, adaptive replanning performed. Additionally, Multi-Criteria Optimisation will enhance the quality and efficiency of treatment planning at ROI.

The ability of MCO to compute a number of “optimal” plans from which the Oncologist can select the most suitable balance between target cover and irradiation of adjacent normal tissue will ensure that the best possible plan is developed for the patient in the fastest possible time.”

John Simpson

Director of Medical Physics at Radiation Oncology Institute, Gosford, Australia.

“Our first contact with RayStation was at an international scientific meeting. We then had an in-depth presentation at our premises followed by an evaluation period for a couple of months.This convinced us to sign a contact in February 2012.

RayStation will be used for planning of all proton treatments at our center. Together with RaySearch we are going to develop functions that are specially required by us. The system will incorporate all the latest advanced tools and algorithms to take full advantage of the potential of proton therapy.We believe that RayStation with its Multi-Criteria Optimization will offer us the most accurate dose prediction for proton therapy there is in the market. The user interface is very convenient and we expect good and fast support as we develop our methods for cancer treatments."

Dr. Youngyih Han

Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea.