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Welcome to RayCare*, an innovative new oncology information system (OIS) designed to support comprehensive cancer care. Seamless integration with RayStation is just the start – RayCare will connect all the oncology disciplines, enabling you to fluidly coordinate tasks and ensure optimal use of resources.

Explore the future of oncology software below!

Supporting comprehensive cancer treatment

RayCare will have a major impact on cancer treatment by enabling a truly integrated approach across oncology disciplines. It will bring comprehensive cancer treatment into reach for any center and create clinical possibilities that existing systems simply cannot deliver.

Many cancer patients receive a combination of treatment types, and RayCare is designed to reflect this. Exceeding the possibilities of any other system in modeling the patient’s reality and supporting a combined workflow, RayCare will efficiently coordinate activities in radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. 

The user and patient in focus

RayCare will answer the demand from clinics for a more user-friendly and workflow-oriented information system that can support the future of cancer treatment. Developed  from the ground up to meet the logistical challenges in modern oncology, RayCare will connect RayStation’s proven algorithms to advanced features for clinical resource optimization, workflow automation, adaptive treatment and clinical analytics.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.

RayCare enables automated active workflows across the oncology disciplines. The workflows are designed to be highly configurable, and tasks for specific staff members can be created automatically, triggered by defined events. By continually monitoring the status of the workflow, RayCare will know the moment a task is completed and actively select the next step in the process without any further user interaction. For example, an action such as uploading an image can be set to automatically create a task for a doctor to review the image. The system will thus ensure that actions are always taken in the correct order according to the center’s protocols.

RayCare is designed to provide total control over treatment scheduling and use of resources. It will ensure the optimal allocation of treatment machines, accounting for treatment needs, clinical staff schedules and other key parameters. Any planning changes will be accounted for instantly and the schedule updated to ensure the most efficient workflow to meet patients’ needs.

RayCare will introduce new tools to ensure effective management of tumor boards. These will support time management during the meeting and provide a single interface for notes and data gathering. The system will also automatically document the discussion and decisions made for each patient. Follow-up actions can then be set within the system. Using RayCare will save valuable tumor board time and ensure that resources are used effectively.

RayCare will combine innovative features with outstanding ease of use. Usability experts are involved in every step of the process, and our development team continuously collects feedback from partner clinics regarding design and interaction. The system offers a highly visual presentation of relevant data, with clear visualization of complex workflows and a modern design.

Seamless integration with RayStation brings a new frontier of efficiency, but that’s just the beginning. RayCare will connect all the oncology disciplines, fluidly coordinating tasks for everyone involved and ensuring optimal use of resources. With a wide range of data immediately accessible to everyone who needs it – CT scans MRI images, patient records, treatment plans, reported outcomes, scheduling, pathology and much more –  RayCare will bring adaptive treatment within reach for every clinic.

RayCare is designed to be a learning system and has led to a new technology focus area for RaySearch: machine learning. To advance our position in this cutting-edge sector, we established a dedicated machine learning group. Machine learning will be a driving force in the future of medical software systems, and RaySearch will be among the pioneers of this technology when it comes to cancer treatment.

The clinical adoption of adaptive therapy has been hindered by a lack of support in existing OIS platforms. RayCare will solve this problem. To fully implement adaptive radiation therapy, clinics need an easy way to manage the image data flow and keep track of changes in the plan. Today, RayStation provides complete support for adaptive planning through advanced algorithms, dose tracking and adaptive replanning. RayCare will use those algorithms and also enable automation and management of the complex flow of information in adaptive therapy.

RayCare will include advanced decision support tools for both offline and online dose tracking and adaptive therapy. The system’s speed and integration also make it the ideal platform for online dose tracking and adaptations where all calculations and decisions need to occur during the treatment session rather than between sessions. This requires near real-time calculations and dedicated interfaces for review and approval. 

RayCare is designed to store all clinical data acquired during workup, planning, treatment delivery and follow-up in a structured and accessible format that is suitable for data analysis. This will enable advanced automated follow-up of treatment outcomes and open the door to further analysis and refined treatment methods. The ability to collect and analyze data will be critical for the future, as the entire healthcare industry moves toward more personalized, value-based medicine.

We are developing RayCare together with some of the world’s leading cancer centers. The global association of RayCare clinical partners now consists of, in order of entry: UMC Groningen, Iridium Kankernetwerk, UCSF, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison and Provision. The group encompasses different types of cancer care providers, with varied areas of excellence.

RaySearch’s clinical partners play a central role in the development of RayCare. They provide input on what an OIS should provide for various types of treatments, for different roles within healthcare teams and, ultimately, for patients. This input feeds into RaySearch’s agile development process.