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The bigger world of RayStation is that all users are automatically linked to our RayStation Community website. There they can liaise and communicate not only with our RayStation specialists but also with other users of RayStation worldwide.

Get in touch with peers and share best practices

This ‘users club’ is becoming an increasingly important feature of RayStation. The system provides so many capabilities that not even our RayStation specialists can possibly grasp them all. But the users, who live and work with the system every day, are constantly discovering shortcuts and ways to improve their use of RayStation. They are happy to share their findings with other professionals – and to be rewarded with similar benefits from time to time.

Get support from the RaySearch experts

At RaySearch, our philosophy is that everyone is part of the support team. We are proud that we have developed an organization with all types of experts; programmers,
scientists, physicists, researchers, dosimetrists, interface designers, etc. In our online community, you can interact with these people to get your questions answered and to share your thoughts and needs.


  • Follow people and groups
    Within the Community you can find people and other RayStation users or groups to join and follow.
  • Chatter
    The Chatter is a collaboration tool where you can communicate with RaySearch employees and also with other RayStation users. In the Chatter you will find updates from the people, groups or cases you have selected to follow.
  • Log a case
    By logging a case through the community your support request gets communicated to RaySearch customer support. You can add attachments to the case, follow the case to receive updated about it in the chatter, and you can communicate with our RayStation specialists directly in the Cases section.
  • Questions and Answers
    Search for answers in the Question and Answers section, or post a question to let other users or RaySearch staff answer it.
  • Get access to educational material


If you are a RayStation user and do not have a community request one today!