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Scheduling comprehensive care requires the coordination of many valuable and limited resources including personnel, treatment devices, operating rooms, and exam rooms, and complex procedures often require balancing the needs of multiple such resources. Finding the best treatment date and time can be difficult and imprecise and may result in unnecessary delays to patient care. RayCare* is designed to provide total control over treatment scheduling and use of resources. 

Task-based and rule-based scheduling

RayCare’s scheduling capabilities allows resources to be used more efficiently. The advanced rule-based scheduling engine makes it easy to select the first and best available timeslots for any appointment.

RayCare is designed to provide total control over treatment scheduling and use of resources. It will ensure the optimal allocation of treatment machines and clinical personnel, accounting for treatment needs, clinical staff schedules and other key parameters. Should resources become unavailable, the system will immediately reschedule to ensure the most efficient workflow to meet patients’ needs.

The schedule automation feature makes it much simpler to find the optimal treatment date, eliminating the delays that can result from the complexity of manual scheduling. RayCare knows which resources are required for a given procedure and can automatically recommend the best time slot. 

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.