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RaySearch at PTCOG 2020 Online

13–14 September, 2020


This will be the first ever completely online meeting for PTCOG. The year has turned out a little differently than anticipated, so we are all unable meet up in person. However, we are excited to try new ways of connecting, and look forward to advancing online meetings as well as cancer care. Register for PTCOG 2020 Online and meet RaySearch in the virtual exhibit space.

On show for PTCOG 2020

RayStation is leading the market in particle therapy. Mainly because the unique features that RayStation is renowned for are available for proton therapy. Book a demo and see for yourself. The following features can be demonstrated:

  • Automated robust proton planning by machine learning (clinical release in December 2020)*
  • Fast Monte Carlo dose computation on GPU
  • Robust optimization and evaluation
  • 4D-optimization
  • Proton PBS optimization with apertures
  • Multi-criteria optimization with robustness
  • Fully integrated adaptive planning
  • Automatic creation of backup photon plans
  • Simulated organ motion
  • Interplay evaluation
  • BNCT treatment planning*
  • PBS optimization for carbon and helium*
  • Ocular planning*

The precision of proton therapy makes it a unique treatment method. A basic fact of proton therapy is that high precision also means sensitivity to change. RaySearch understands this, and we’ve designed the RayStation treatment planning system to account for every eventuality.


Oral presentation


Sunday, 13 September | 9:00 AM | 15 minutes


Developing FLASH treatment planning for IBA Proteus system using the RayStation TPS

Erik Tranéus, RaySearch, Rudi Labarbe IBA, Laurent Collignon IBA


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