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Data handling
and Machine Learning

RayCare* is designed to use machine learning and data analysis to become a learning system where the data at the clinic can be used to improve workflow efficiency, manage resource allocation and enhance quality assurance across different treatment modalities – medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology – with the ultimate goal to support decisions in the clinic. 

Structured for data analysis

RayCare is being developed with the requirements for advanced analytics and decision support in mind. It is designed to store all clinical data acquired during workup, planning, treatment delivery and follow‐up in a structured and accessible format that is suitable for data analysis. This enables advanced automated follow‐up of treatment outcomes and opens the door to further analysis and refined treatment methods. The ability to collect and analyze data will be critical for the future, as the entire healthcare industry moves toward more personalized, value‐based medicine. 

Machine learning system

RayCare is designed to be a learning system and will include innovative solutions using algorithms that learn from experience to automate and support the process of improving future cancer treatments.  Machine learning will be a driving force in the future of medical software systems, and RaySearch will be among the pioneers of this technology when it comes to cancer treatment.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.