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Cancer Care

RayCare* was developed from the ground up to meet the complex logistical challenges of modern oncology and form the backbone of a comprehensive oncology center. Centers today often use multiple software systems, including systems for radiation oncology, medical oncology and surgical oncology.

The aim with RayCare is to combine these into a single, harmonized system to manage the patient’s entire oncology treatment – from scheduling through treatment delivery and follow-up.


High efficiency

Integrating these activities and workflows will save time, reduce complications and minimize the risk of errors that can occur when transferring information between systems.

RayCare consolidates a wide range of clinical data – CT scans, MRI images, patient records, treatment plans, care decisions, reported outcomes, scheduling, pathology, and much more – and makes them immediately accessible to the entire care team. This ability goes far beyond the possibilities of existing systems, bringing comprehensive cancer treatment into reach for any center.


Tumor board management

Tumor boards play a central role in comprehensive oncology. RayCare introduces a new tool for tumor board management, which will save valuable time and ensure that resources are used effectively. The tool will support time management during the meeting and provide a single interface for notes and data gathering. 

The system automatically records meeting attendance and makes it easy to document discussions and decisions made for each patient. Clinical and follow‐up actions can be assessed and set within the system and are instantly attributed to the patient. 

Methodical approach

The tumor board tool first presents a list of patients to be reviewed during the session. When a patient is selected from the list, RayCare displays the patient’s diagnosis and background information. 

Relevant information such as radiology reports, pathology results, lab results and other clinical data can be easily accessed and reviewed directly from the tumor tumor board interface, and an imaging workspace allows interaction with the patient’s medical images, including CT scans, PET and MRI images and X-rays. 

Once the patient’s diagnosis and staging have been set as definitive, the  tumor board tool suggests treatment options based on the specified clinical criteria. 

Flexible alternatives

Care pathways can be easily selected from the list of treatment alternatives and assigned to the patient. RayCare then generates a workflow for the patient and displays a timeline for care. Once agreed upon by the team, RayCare documents the decision, generates a tumor board note and permits additional summary information to be added. 

RayCare can also propose clinical trials for which the patient may be eligible.

*Regulatory clearance required in some markets.