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Commercial Partners

Fifteen partner products developed and launched

Most of the partner products, that have been commercially launched, are designed for various treatment planning methods – 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT.

RaySearch is an innovative market leader in all of these fields. IMRT treatment planning was actually the starting point for RaySearch’s establishment and the company has gradually strengthened its position through advanced research and product development. RaySearch’s treatment planning products for IMRT are now the most widespread products worldwide.


Philips logo

Philips Healthcare 

The Dutch company Philips Healthcare is a leading supplier of medical diagnostic equipment. The product portfolio comprises equipment for a range of applications. The business unit Philips Radiation Oncology Systems, which focuses on advanced treatment planning systems, collaborates with RaySearch.

Philips was RaySearch’s first commercial partner. The first agreement entered by the parties in 2000 related to a product for IMRT optimization, which was released in 2001, with two supplementary products released in 2004. The products are integrated into Philips’ treatment planning system, Pinnacle, and marketed as P3IMRT, DMPO and Biology. In June 2008 the agreement was extended with a product for planning of VMAT treatments. This was introduced on the market in April 2009 and is marketed by Philips under the brand name SmartArc.


Nucletron logo

Nucletron has its head office in the Netherlands. The company specializes in products for cancer treatment. Its core competence lies in brachytherapy and treatment planning. Nucletron was acquired by Elekta in 2011.

RaySearch signed a development agreement with Nucletron in 2004 concerning a suite of products in the IMRT area for integration into Nucletron’s Oncentra™ treatment planning system. In 2005, the first product for IMRT optimization, was released, and in 2006 two additional products were launched for direct step-and-shoot optimization and gantry angle optimization. In 2009 this agreement was extended with products for VMAT treatment planning model-based segmentation. Both these products were launched the same year in September.


iba logo

Belgian IBA is the world leader in proton therapy and also a supplier of advanced dosimetry and quality-assurance solutions for clinical and industrial applications of radiation physics.

In 2006, RaySearch signed a long-term development and licensing agreement with IBA's subsidiary IBA Dosimetry concerning a suite of products for IMRT quality assurance and adaptive therapy. The agreement represented an important expansion of RaySearch's business and the first products from the partnership, which are sold under the COMPASS® brand, were released in December 2007.

In 2013, RaySearch and IBA extended the partnership and initiated a collaboration in proton therapy to further enhance the treatment planning tools in RayStation for various modalities of proton therapy. This allows clinics throughout the world to make better use of the strength of IBA's treatment machines for a large amount of clinical indications and IBA has included RayStation in its offering to customers.

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varian logo

Varian Medical Systems, based in California, is a manufacturer of medical equipment and software for treating cancer with radiation therapy.

In 2007, Varian and RaySearch signed a long-term strategic licensing agreement concerning treatment planning software for integration into Varian's Eclipse treatment planning system. In 2009, two IMRT products for radiobiological evaluation and optimization and one product for the optimization of conventional 3D-CRT plans were launched. In April 2010 the collaboration was expanded with a product for automatically transferring plans between different treatment machines and delivery techniques.


accuray logo

The US company Accuray develops, manufactures and sells unique, advanced radiation therapy solutions for cancer care.

In 2015, RaySearch and Accuray entered into long-term collaborations to integrate RaySearch’s software products with Accuray’s treatment machines. The first agreement concerns RaySearch’s oncology information system RayCare® and the second concerns expanding RayStation® to support treatment planning for Accuray’s delivery systems TomoTherapy and CyberKnife. Support for TomoTherapy planning in RayStation® is expected to be released in 2016 and CyberKnife planning in 2017. RayCare® is expected to be release in 2017.  


Brainlab logo

The German company Brainlab is a world-leading supplier of equipment for neurosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy.

In 2013, RaySearch signed a long-term license and development agreement with Brainlab. Under the agreement, RaySearch developed InverseArc, a universal treatment conversion tool that reproduces the dose characteristics of any given treatment plan with a volumetric modulated arc treatment (VMAT) technique. RaySearch also developed planning support in RayStation for Brainlab’s Vero machine. This was released in RayStation 4.7 in March 2015.