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Computer Science Master Thesis:                Log management and analysis

We offer a master thesis position at the Development Department at RaySearch Laboratories in Stockholm.

Background and purpose

The aim of the thesis project is to develop a log management and analysis system for our products. Key tasks include collection of logs from the products, analysis and categorization and presenting the results in a user interface. A centralized logging solution shall be setup so that multiple logs can be aggregated in a central location and analyzed using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

As support you will have your supervisors at RaySearch, the RaySearch crew in general and the Core team at the Development Department particularly.

Education, experience and knowledge

You should have followed a Master program that involves computer science. To fulfill the task, you need to have good knowledge within programming. Spoken and written English is required, Swedish is highly meriting. 

Personal profile

You should be passionate about well-constructed and maintainable code. You have good analytical skills and a problem-solving mindset. You are a strong team player who takes responsibility and contributes to a positive atmosphere. You take pride in delivering high-quality results with efficiency.

About the  department 

The team you will work in is responsible for the framework and the architecture of our treatment planning software, RayStation.  

Working at RaySearch

RaySearch believes in investing in its people. We prioritize knowledge-sharing, creativity and collaboration, and you will work together with some of the most talented and highly educated people in the industry. We also have a strong social culture, with regular events and activities for employees. You will work in a modern office environment, with access to the latest hardware and tools. RaySearch is committed to equal opportunities. We value diversity and are dedicated to preventing discrimination. Read more about RaySearch.

Apply for this vacant position 

You are welcome to send your application (preferably in Swedish but English is also fine) by clicking on the button below. It should include a résumé, a personal letter and documentation of your university education (BSc and MSc). Mark the application “Master Thesis Log management and analysis 2018”.  

The recruitment process will be ongoing while this posting is present. To enquire about the status of your application, please email work@raysearchlabs.com