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Technical Support Specialist


We are looking for a motivated person who’s primary responsibilities include troubleshooting all technical issues for our current and potential customers. The position will require the applicant to maintain all aspects of RayStation. Operation, including direct contact with our customers both at the clinics and remotely. In addition to the role of supporting customers you will actively be involved in various projects and from an IT infrastructure point of view, play a vital role in the future development of RayStation. In addition to the list below.

  • Monitor Salesforce and email support requests specific to system configuration and hardware and provide support to customers as needed.
  • Provide onsite and remote support, installations and training as needed.
  • Provide support for communication between clinical systems (i.e. DICOM).
  • Provide in-house training classes for customers as needed.
  • Attend regional, national and international shows as required to support setup and demos.  Support both potential and existing customers at the shows to help them understand technical matters as required.
  • Help to develop quotes for RSA sales staff as needed for hardware / OS / Citrix licensing.
  • Assist sales staff to educate prospective customers on potential hardware and software solutions.
  • Responsible for providing direct customer technical support for RayStation via phone.
  • Responsible for training customers in the configuration (Networking, OS, Citrix, and SQL requirements) and maintenance of RayStation, both onsite as well as in a classroom setting.
  • Responsible for onsite installation and technical acceptance testing.
  • Responsible for demo support as needed.
  • Responsible for the use of the CRM system for customer support and to capture complaints as necessary.
  • Responsible to assure personal compliance with FDA guidelines (and all of the Americas government guidelines) for product complaints, recalls and any other customer related notifications.
  • Responsible for customer satisfaction with service, installation and training, including the execution of improvement plans as needed.
  • Responsible for supporting the development organization via testing, complaint reviews and other tasks as needed.
  • Responsible for deploying Server OS, SQL Server, and Citrix farm environment at a customer site.
  • Responsible for installing and configuring RaySearch Laboratories applications on Servers and Workstations.
  • Responsible for assisting customer in RayStation configuation after infrastructure change.
  • Responsible with future upgrades of RayStation software.               



Customer service experience is a must. Excellent customer communications – written and verbal customer deployment experience. Experience in MS SQL databases (install, configure, maintain), preferred Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 (troubleshooting, Active Directory) Citrix deployments and support, preferred XenApp/XenDesktop familiarity with XML personal profile. Dicom association is definitely a plus. Healthcare background is also a plus. Applicant must have strong customer service skills, multitask and be able to work alone or in a team environment.


About the Service Department

The service department at RaySearch Americas is responsible for all installations, training and support to our customers in North, Central and South America. The department also supports our sales staff and all future distributors for Central and South America.


About RaySearch Laboratories

RaySearch is a world leader in the field of advanced software for radiation therapy. Our solutions are used successfully in over 2,300 clinics in more than 30 countries. Our expertise is on the cutting edge in the fight against cancer.

RaySearch is a knowledge enterprise in the true sense of the word. The employees constitute the core of our operations and the expertise and unique perspective of each individual serves as an important building block in the company’s development.

Our research-intensive operations are aimed at streamlining cancer treatment through radiation therapy, which involves a significant responsibility.

At the same time, our employees are given good opportunities to develop within fields such as medical physics, applied mathematics and systems development. RaySearch is a workplace where learning, creativity and collaboration are highly valued. Read more about RaySearch on http://www.raysearchlabs.com/en/About-RaySearch/ 

Apply for this vacant position:

You are welcome to send your application including CV and personal letter, marked “Technical Support Specialist RSA” by clicking on the button below. The selection and interviewing process will be ongoing. For more information please contact Freddie Cardel, Director of Customer Support and Service at freddie.cardel@raysearchlabs.com.