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RayStation 5*, with Plan Explorer, brings a completely new perspective to treatment planning. Watch the video below and see how!

This is Plan Explorer

What if you could deliver every treatment with an optimal combination of treatment technique and machine, for every patient, every day?

Plan Explorer: automatic plan generation

Plan explorer is based on the capability to automatically generate a large number of treatment plans for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines. It also provides efficient means to filter and browse among plan candidates to find the most desired one.

Plan Explorer brings many potential clinical benefits and now you can:

  • explore more of the solution space to ensure that every radiation treatment is delivered with the highest possible efficiency, with an optimal combination of treatment technique and machine;
  • maximize the use of your current treatment delivery machines;
  • and get more time to evaluate the plans.

Webinar: Plan Explorer redefines automated planning

In part one of this webinar, Freddie Cardel outlines the concept of automatic plan generation with Plan Explorer and demonstrates a completely new level of automation. He explains the approach, where large numbers of high-quality treatment plans are automatically generated for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines, and shows how these plans can be easily filtered and browsed to find the most suitable candidates to be evaluated. In part two, Erik Korevaar and Roel Kierkels present the first findings of the clinical evaluation they performed at University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, and describe how the center envisions the use of the tool in clinical practice.

RayStation 5 News

RayStation 5* introduces carbon ion treatment planning, the most advanced form of radiation therapy, and Plan Explorer, a treatment planning tool that allows clinics to maximize delivery efficiency and plan quality for every patient. It also features many new additions such as robust optimization based on 4DCT images and unlimited patient storage.

  • First TPS with Carbon ion support commercially available 
    RayStation 5 becomes the first commercially available system to support carbon ion planning. The first clinics to adopt this new planning technology are MedAustron in Austria and Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO) in Italy. Read more. 
  • Robust optimization over multiple 4DCT images 
    Robustness against uncertainties is a key factor in order to utilize the higher precision of modern treatment techniques. The inclusion of 4DCT images in the robust optimization process addresses situations where there is significant relative motion of internal organs, such as in the thorax during free breathing.

    - Optimization based on GTV with potential for margins reduction
    - Patient movement accounted for across multiple images
    - Optimizer computes plan robust with respect to all the CT images 

  • Unlimited patient storage
    In order to manage the ever increasing data volumes associated with modern imaging techniques and high resolution calculations, RayStation 5 allows a more flexible configuration of multiple parallel databases and gradual archiving. 

  • General planning news
    - new graphical user interface (GUI) for enhanced user experience
    - patient modeling: smart brush contouring, side-by-side contouring, volume rendering
    - treatment case level
    - module for virtual simulation
    - improved 3D-CRT planning
    - improvements in plan reporting, plan protocols and scripting

 *Regulatory clearance needed in some markets.
A new Graphical User Interface
Robust optimization over multiple image sets