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RaySearch is a technology company with a difference - our software is a vital weapon in the ongoing battle against cancer. We help save lives through innovative software for radiation therapy, which is one of the most important forms of cancer treatment. Our success has led to rapid growth. Now we need more talented and motivated people to help us pioneer the next frontier of medicine. Joining us will give you a career boost, combined with exciting challenges and the chance to contribute to something truly worthwhile. Ready to advance?


"After finishing my PhD thesis in applied mathematics at Uppsala university, I started working at RaySearch as a research engineer in 2005. My area of expertise includes image analysis, image segmentation, applied geometry and image registration. During the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to develop several algorithms and tools that are now used clinically, for example for patient modelling, at clinics all over the world. It feels very rewarding to know that my work contributes to the fight against cancer."

Ola Weistrand

Research Engineer

"Working at a dynamic and growing company like RaySearch is an exciting place to be. Our cutting edge treatment planning product, RayStation, has challenged me to learn more about the possibilities of computer planning for radiation therapy beyond what I did in the clinic to help better serve our customers. As an application specialist for Asia and the Pacific, I look forward to be a part of the expansion of the company into this very diverse region. Being at RaySearch has been a rewarding step in my career not only in my work, but for interactions with great colleagues and customers around the globe who make it what it is today."

Gloria Lee

Application Specialist for Asia and Pacific

"Since starting with RaySearch in early 2015, I have enjoyed working with such an exceptionally talented group of people. My main motivation in joining RaySearch was to be part of a company that is on the cutting edge of software development for cancer treatment. As an IT Specialist in the Service team at RaySearch, I work closely with clinics ensuring that their systems are performing at a high level at all times. We value developing relationships with our customers and ensuring that they are receiving the highest level of service. The enthusiasm that goes into making RayStation such an amazing product also makes RaySearch Laboratories a great place to work."

Meshan Naidu

IT specialist

"I started at RaySearch in January 2013 as a test engineer. I have worked as a test and verification engineer in the medical device industry since 2005. As a test engineer at RaySearch, I work closely with the developers to make sure that the software we develop has a high quality and the correct functionality. In my everyday work I analyze the requirements on the system, I discuss the functionality with the software developers and product owners, write and perform system tests. I report any issues that I discover and I verify issues that have been resolved. Working in the medical device industry, creating products that have the potential to save lives, is something that motivates me to do my very best every day."

Lisbeth Mogseth

Test engineer

"RayStation is based on a unique technical platform – my job is to ensure a great user experience. Even an application that is perfect, from a technical point of view, can be worthless if it isn’t carefully designed for its users. Our usability team has been working together with our developers and physicists since the first day of the RayStation development. To succeed, you have to focus on the user throughout the development process – usability cannot be added in the end. For us, patient safety is what is most important. Good design shall help to ensure that the patient gets the right dose."

Emil Ekström

Usability Designer

"With my background as an M.Sc. in computer graphics and scientific visualization, RaySearch is a place where I can use my knowledge, work within my area of expertise and help improve treatment for patients. By continuously improving our visualizations, we increase the physicists' and dosimetrists’ ability to plan, decrease the time it takes to understand RayStation, and improve the quality of treatments. Our goal is to convey complex information as efficiently as possible so that the radiation therapy staff can focus on their most important task: to produce the best quality treatment plans in the most efficient way."

Peter Asplund

System Developer

"The reason why I chose to study medical physics is that it is an interdisciplinary field where physics is combined with other disciplines, such as biology, in order to treat cancer. After having completed my MSc, I started my PhD in Medical Radiation Physics at Stockholm University. My PhD research was focused on radiotherapy with light ions, in particular the secondary dose deposition due to produced nuclear fragments. At RaySearch I’m working with the development of the treatment planning modules for protons and carbon ions in RayStation. Working at RaySearch means working in an exciting and research-intensive environment where highly competent people with different areas of expertise work together toward the goal of treating cancer."

Martha Hultqvist

Senior Physicist, Ph.D. in Medical Radiation Physics

"As Director of Product Management for North America, my role is to capture customer enhancement requests, prioritizing them and providing clarification for the software engineering team in Sweden.  In essence, I am the voice of the US Customers, ensuring future software releases meet their clinical needs."

Dayna Bodensteiner

R.T. (R) (T), CMD. Director of Product Management- Americas

"As a scrum product owner I work closely with the project stakeholders and the development team to create a shared vision of the final product. Since joining RaySearch in 2002, I've been part of many successful development projects. It’s highly rewarding to be able to contribute to the advancement of cancer treatment."

Jonas Andersson

Scrum Product Owner